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Turn Your Space Into a Pet-Friendly Smart Home With These Devices

Nov 13, 2022 by Kitty Elicay-Carpena

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AB_Turn Your Space Into a Pet-Friendly Smart Home With These Devices

When I first got my dog five years ago, I struggled with separation anxiety as I had no choice but to leave her for a few hours each day to go to work. Over time, however, it got better thanks to technology, smart devices, and a lightning-fast fiber Internet connection of PLDT Home.

Your furry friends will love you even more!

If you’re a pet owner considering transitioning into a smart home, now’s the time to take the leap. Our fur babies benefit greatly from home automation, and you’ll be surprised how many pet-centric smart devices are on the market today.

Whether you’re a cat person or a dog person, here are ways you can take advantage of your devices to create a pet-friendly paradise!


Use motion sensors and smart lighting

Baseus Motion Sensor Aisle Light Lazada 

From Baseus Official Website

Pets love to wander around the home, so use motion sensors and smart lights to ensure your furry friends can have illumination wherever they go. You can set motion sensors to monitor pets when they’re alone or alert you when they’re out of bounds, while night lights can be used to train your pets to wind down and prepare for sleep (for some puppies, warm lighting can be comforting and signals that it’s time for bed). It’s a great way to save on electricity, too! Check out motion sensors and smart lights from Baseus, Xiaomi, and Philips.


Upgrade to a smart pet door

PetSafe Electronic Smart Door 

From PetSafe Official Website

If you’ve ever had to get up multiple times each night just to let your pet enter or exit your room, then this can be a lifesaver. Electronic pet doors have many helpful features—from ensuring only your pet can enter your home to curfew timers and lock modes that let you control where your pet is. For example, you can keep the door locked if you want your pet to stay indoors, then automatically unlock it when they need to go outside. Check out the SureFlap pet door or the PetSafe Electronic Smart Door to explore your options.


Invest in a smart litter box

PetKit Pura Max Lazada 

From PetKit Official Website

If you have a cat (or two), here’s some great news: there are now automatic self-cleaning litter boxes that detect when your cat has used them and then do the cleaning for you. They can even spray odor eliminators after your favorite feline is done with her deed. Of course, you need to have your wallets ready, as these can be quite expensive. If you’re ready to commit, check out PetKit’s Pura Max available on Lazada.


Keep pets entertained with smart toys and assistants

iFetch Ball Launcher 

From iFetch Official Website

Pet owners need a ton of energy to keep up with their fur babies, but when you’re just too tired to play, smart toys can be a big help. PetSafe and iFetch developed automatic ball launchers to throw unlimited balls at your pup. In addition, the PetSafe version comes with a nifty feature that alternates between 15 minutes of play and 15 minutes of rest to keep your dog from getting too exhausted or overstimulated.

If you’re looking for low-budget entertainment, you can always turn to your smart assistants to save the day. Amazon’s Alexa, in particular, has a Dog Talk skill where she can address pets by name and give commands like bark, fetch, or treat.


Upgrade your WiFi so you’re always connected

If you want seamless and streamlined home automation, a fast and reliable Internet connection is a must so you can monitor your pets and completely control your smart home devices. Take advantage of the Wifi Mesh system that comes with your PLDT Fiber Plus Plan so you can have a strong connection anywhere in your home!

It’s hard to be away from our fur babies, but small comforts like these can make them feel loved and cared for. And with the right tools, they can still feel our presence even when we’re not there!


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