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The ABCs of Internet Speed Testing

Jul 18, 2023 by Louigi Balao

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AB_The ABCs of Internet Speed Testing

Notice how fast the landscape of technology is advancing? In today’s rapidly advancing technological society, it seems like new terms and buzzwords emerge; just recently, the use of AI (artificial intelligence) has graced everyone at a certain point, be it through the Internet or someone else sharing the topic.

Delve deeper into knowing more about Internet speed testing

Now, beneath all the jargon lies actual information to note, which can be implemented in your daily cycle if you take the time to learn and understand. For this case, we want to turn our eyes toward knowing the ABCs of Internet speed testing. Previously, we covered how Internet speed tests work, but this time, we will expand a bit further on terms that are associated with your Internet so you can understand your other friends when they want to, for some reason, talk about the Internet. Who knows, maybe you can help with their problems down the line.

Bandwidth - Internet bandwidth is like a pipe that carries information from the Internet to whatever device you use. The bigger the pipe (higher the bandwidth), the more information you can receive simultaneously. Because the pipe is bigger, it can accommodate faster speeds whenever you upload or download things on the Internet, or it can even manage multiple people connected to your Internet better because of its huge size.

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Latency - Remember seeing a fireworks display from afar? You see the amazing light show but only hear its loud bangs after some time. Latency is similar to that because it is defined as the time it takes for information to travel from one place to another. This means that the lower the latency, the better, as it allows messages to be sent faster and response rates to be snappier if you are playing a game.


Download and upload speed - We have previously covered download and upload speed right here. But, in light of this ABC discussion, these two elements are crucial for a smooth Internet experience as it is what sends out and receives information from third parties. Both have to be good on their parts just in order to provide an elevated experience altogether.

Packet Loss - This term refers to the loss or disappearance of small chunks of data, hence the word ‘packet’, as it travels along the Internet. These packets carry information like messages, files, or small media. If you are a gamer, this term may be familiar to you and is a nightmare when playing a fast-paced game because it renders your experience unplayable.

If you are wondering how packet loss arises, it is caused by Internet disruptions, delays, or incomplete data transmission. If you are experiencing this, elevate your experience with PLDT Homethe undisputed fastest Internet in the Philippines! PLDT stands as the country’s sole telco to accomplish a remarkable five-peat of the highest award from Ookla. This prestigious acknowledgement, achieved by only a few Internet service providers globally, recognizes their consistent excellence for five consecutive years. The company remains undisputed in the Philippines as the sole provider capable of delivering the fastest Internet connection, reaching up to 10Gbps.


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