You can measure your download speeds via our speed test. Please note that the displayed speed is only a rough estimate and may vary depending on other factors such as the website you are browsing.

This was the result of an independent study to determine the level of satisfaction of various broadband Internet users in Metro Manila. PLDT Home DSL emerged as the most preferred service out of all the broadband providers, with the level of preference being triple compared to the closest competitor.

Furthermore PLDT Home DSL remains the leading wired broadband provider in the country, with over 250,000 subscribers nationwide.

There are many factors that can affect your DSL connection. There may be PC issues, technical issues, and issues with the website you are trying to browse.

Listed below are some common reasons that cause slowdowns in connection speed, as well as some possible ways of dealing with them.

Connecting multiple PCs to a single DSL connection may cause slowdowns since the connection will be shared among multiple users. For residential packages, it is recommended that there should be only one PC per DSL connection.

Multiple-PC connections are often subject to hardware and software issues that cause slowdowns. Always seek professional help from a computer shop or a network technician when setting up a multiple-PC connection.

Computer viruses cause slowdowns. Install and update anti-virus software to protect your PC against viruses.

Install/Upgrade the latest software patches and Service Packs for your Operating System (i.e. Windows XP)

The site you are visiting may be congested because many users computers are connecting to it. Try visiting other websites in the meantime and return later. Site congestion is an issue that is beyond PLDT’s control and should be addressed by the website’s owner.

Low RAM (64MB or less) will result in computer slowdowns. All of your applications, Internet included, will run much more slowly because of low RAM. It is recommended that DSL users should have at least 256 MB of RAM.

A low-quality LAN card can cause slowdowns. Upgrading the LAN card can improve connection speed.

Low hard disk space can cause slowdowns, especially for users who download large files like videos or music. It is recommended to keep at least 500MB of hard disk space free when surfing.

Old or damaged in-house telephone wiring can degrade the speed of your DSL service. Contact an electrician for repairs if you suspect your in-house wiring is damaged.

All extension lines must have a microfilter (included with the DSL Modem). Extension lines without microfilters are liable to cause interference and slow down connection speed.

PLDT Home DSL subscribers may call 172 should they have any technical issues with their DSL connection. This is an exclusive hotline setup for Home DSL subscribers only.