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The Digital Well-Being Awareness Guide

Jun 20, 2022
By Janice Roman

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There’s no denying we use our gadgets more when we’re just staying at home. We sometimes spend more time in front of our screens than having personal interactions with real people. So, in this day and age of working from home, attending online classes, and even de-stressing using our gadgets, how do we responsibly use technology to put our digital well-being in place?

These simple steps can help you avoid digital fatigue!

Referencing the article published online by the Center for Humane Technology, we’ve come up with a guide to help you guard your increased reliance on technology:

Feel what you use. Finding the usability of a device or an app extends beyond merely liking it or simply jumping on the bandwagon. You have to explore how it makes you feel before, during, and after using it. Acknowledging what you feel is just the first step. Ask yourself, is it addicting or calming? Are there other words you can think of to describe it?

Be ‘whys.’ We all have that inner child always asking “Why?” The persistence in asking questions should be applied in using technology, too. Why do you use this device in the first place? Responsible usage puts a premium on technology as a tool and not an end. As in every relationship, know the boundaries that should not be crossed, such as being involved in online activities that may harm you and malign other people’s reputations.


The Slot Machine Behavior. There are moments when you’ll get stuck in a loop of scrolling, refreshing notifications, browsing more, and the cycle continues. Notification sounds and numbers of reactions could make you feel overwhelmed. Like a slot machine, it is synonymous with endless scrolling through your smartphone, waiting for gratification like a ‘heart react’ to your post. If your social media activity is in a loop, does this look like effective time management to you?

Slot Machine

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Technology is trading. Believe it or not, you trade something when you opt to use your gadgets or scroll the Internet. While technology promises convenience, there are stakes for that convenience such as laziness or reliance on technology. That’s why it’s healthy to distance yourself from it from time to time.

Physical activity over digital. Detoxing is a great way to give yourself time away from the Internet. Take a nice walk, write in your journal, enjoy a day with your family or friends, or just do what you feel like doing without any digital distractions. While we acknowledge healthy engagements in the digital space, taking time off from your devices will grant you more mindfulness and meaningful conversations and relationships.

Set a definite screen time. Admit it or not, your devices are glued to your hands a majority of the time. Your attention tends to be on your smartphone without noticing how much time you’ve wasted scrolling your feed. After a day’s work, try not to bring your phone to bed to help you relax and sleep better. Set your screen time for the day so you can accomplish your tasks on schedule.


Add wellness apps to your digital routine. Mobile wellness applications are no longer just trends; they are necessary for a healthier and mindful you! While these apps do not discriminate when it comes to target users, the common users include working adults who suffer from personal and work-related stressors.

mWell is a wellness app that provides you an mWellness Score, enabling you to examine the state of your health and improve your well-being. You can also access customized programs and features suitable for your health needs. For a more in-depth look at mWell, read more about Wholistic Health at Home with mWell.

Weekends could be spent recharging yourself, focusing on your needs, and getting the “me time” you deserve. Apart from hibernating to recuperate, meditation could do wonders for your health. Aside from mWell, you can check out other wellness apps available online in Sleep, Meditation, and Relaxation Apps: The Measure of Happiness


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