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5 Films With Award-Winning Film Scores You Shouldn’t Miss

Aug 05, 2022
by Karess Rubrico

3 min read

AB_5 Films With Award-Winning Film Scores You Shouldn’t Miss

Sit back, relax, and stream these titles on Lionsgate Play and HBO Go!

A beautifully made score sets the mood of the film that you’re watching, and even goes so far as communicating what isn’t spoken on screen. Imagine an epic battle scene just with dialogue and sound effects. Without the right musical score, you wouldn’t feel the drama behind the battle, or even know that the army you’re rooting for is winning.

In honor of some of the greatest scores we’ve come across, we’ve collected some of the best films with award-winning film scores—all of which you can stream on Lionsgate Play and HBO Go!

La La Land is the biggest winner on this list, bringing home both the Oscar and Golden Globe for Best Original Score in 2017. The Lionsgate musical also received a Grammy award for Best Score in 2018. Other than these accolades, La La Land won five other Oscars (Best Director, Actress, Cinematography, Production Design, and Original Song) and six other Golden Globes (Best Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, Screenplay, and Song).

The film pays tribute to the golden age of film musicals, and follows the story of Seb (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone) who fall in love in the midst of pursuing their dreams.

La La Land is an audio-visual spectacle well-loved by critics and audiences alike. Enjoy this feast of the senses with friends and family. Enjoy the spectacle of La La Land on Lionsgate Play exclusively with your PLDT Home broadband!

Dune (2021) is a science-fiction film based on the novel by Frank Herbert. It follows the story of Paul Atreides (Timothee Chalamet) and his quest to save his family and the rest of his people.

With music by critically acclaimed composer Hans Zimmer, it’s no surprise that Dune bagged the 2021 Oscar and Golden Globe for Best Original Score. The film also won Oscars for Best Visual Effects, Cinematography, Production Design, Sound, and Film Editing. Check out Dune on HBO Go with PLDT Home.

The Hateful Eight, directed by Quentin Tarantino, follows eight strangers who find themselves seeking refuge from a blizzard ten years after the American Civil War. The American revisionist film won the 2016 Academy Award and Golden Globe for Best Original Score. The Hateful Eight also received Oscar nominations for Best Supporting Actress and Best Cinematography. Watch The Hateful Eight on Lionsgate Play here and enjoy it with your PLDT Home broadband.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is one of the most critically acclaimed wuxia (meaning “martial hero”) films, often praised for its story and direction, among other elements. It’s also the first non-English language film to receive 10 Academy nominations. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon won four, including Best Foreign Language Film, Original Score, Cinematography, and Art Direction. The film narrates the story of two master warriors who are faced with their greatest challenge: retrieving the stolen Green Destiny sword. Stream this Mandarin classic on HBO Go here.

The Aviator, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, is a biographical epic that narrates the life of Howard Hughes, an aviation pioneer who steadily grew unstable over time due to obsessive-compulsive disorder. The film won Best Original Score, Best Picture, and Best Actor at the 2005 Golden Globe Awards. On the other hand, The Aviator won the 2005 Oscars for Best Supporting Actress, Cinematography, Art Direction, Costume Design, and Film Editing. Stream The Aviator on Lionsgate Play here with PLDT Home at no extra cost.

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