HOME Bro Frequently Asked Questions

Smart Bro Canopy and Wimax will now be the new HOME Bro Wireless. It is a high-speed broadband internet connection that uses the nationwide cellular network of Smart to wirelessly deliver internet service to a subscriber's PC.

Smart Bro is the former brand of all the broadband services of Smart which includes Mobile Broadband services of Smart, which are Plug-it, Pocket Wifi, etc. and Fixed Broadband which are Smart Bro Canopy and Wimax. On June 26, the Fixed Wireless variants ­ Canopy and Wimax ­ will now have a new brand name under HOME Bro. This is now included under the HOME megabrand powered by PLDT and Smart.

Absolutely none, HOME Bro will have no impact with your current package. You can still enjoy your broadband connection.

Both HOME Bro and PLDT HOME DSL are high speed broadband internet services, and offer basically the same experience. PLDT HOME DSL utilizes PLDT telephone lines to deliver internet service, while HOME Bro utilizes its cellular network.