1 This promo is available to all new applicants and existing PLDT landline subscribers who apply at the Home Broadband Sale from January 27 to February 5, 2017.
2 Promo offers can be availed in all PLDT Home booths, Sales & Service Centers nationwide & (www.pldthome.com).
3 Those who apply for the following plans are entitled to these exclusive promos:
  1. The Speedster FamPlan 1299 - up to 10 Mbps with 50 GB volume allowance
    1. FREE WiFi modem
    2. AMORTIZED installation fee (P99/mo for 1 year)
    3. FREE data sharing feature to any SMART Bro Pocket WiFi or Smart mobile when they upgrade to any of the following plans:
      • Plan 399 w/ Samsung Galaxy V Plus
      • Plan 999 w/ iPhone 5s
      • Plan 1599 w/ iPhone 6s (16 GB)
      • Plan 299, 499 or 799 with Smart Bro Pocket WiFi
  2. Upgrade to the SMART Bro plan 299 – comes with:
    1. Pocket WiFi up to 12 Mbps with up to 7.7 GB monthly data (6 GB will be taken from DSL’s Speedster plan 1299 50 GB)

      FREE Pocket WiFi unit that can connect up to 10 devices

  3. FamPlan 1299 - up to 2 Mbps, no volume allowance
    1. DISCOUNTED Installation fee of P500
    2. FREE WiFi modem
    3. FREE Pocket WiFi unit when subscriber upgrades to any SMART Bro Plan
  4. FamPlan 999, 1995 & 3000
    1. FREE installation fee
    2. FREE WiFi modem
    3. FREE Pocket WiFi unit when subscriber upgrades to any SMART Bro Plan
4 FREE 2 months monthly fee when you upgrade to the Regine Series Telset
5 FREE 1 month Unli Fam Call.


  1. For existing landline subscribers upgrading to DSL, Credit policies apply.
  2. For applications with outstanding balances, they must settle it within the sale dates.
  3. No Cash-out exemptions:
    1. For applicants in selected areas:
      • For applicants in selected areas, special handling fee of P1,500 will be required. This will be charged to their bill and amortized for 12 months.
  4. Applications are subject to availability of facilities in the applicant’s area of residence.
  5. This promo does not apply to PLDT broadband subscribers who have availed of other offers.
  6. Once approved, the subscription is subject to 24-month lock-in period for HOME DSL Plans.
  7. Should a subscriber opt to disconnect the service before the lock-in period expires, a pre-termination fee worth three (3) months of his monthly service fee is required.