1 50% OFF on DSL and FIBR Plans for 6 months
2 Comes with FREE Installation, FREE WiFi modem and FREE Unli Fam Calls to 5 Smart/TnT/Sun numbers
3 Applicable to the following plans:
PLANS Speed Vol Inclusions
DSL Plan 1299 5 Mbps Unlimited -
DSL Plan 1699 15 Mbps Unlimited -
DSL Plan 2899 20 Mbps Unlimited -
Fibr Plan 1299 5 Mbps Unlimited -
Fibr Plan 1699 15 Mbps Unlimited -
Fibr Plan 1899 25 Mbps Unlimited -
Fibr Plan 2099 30 Mbps Unlimited TP-Link WHW (3 pucks)
Fibr Plan 2299 30 Mbps Unlimited Google Wifi (3 pucks)
Fibr Plan 2899 50 Mbps Unlimited -
Fibr Plan 3099 60 Mbps Unlimited TP-Link WHW (3 pucks)
Fibr Plan 3299 60 Mbps Unlimited Google Wifi (3 pucks)


1 The offer is valid from January 1 – December 31, 2019.
2 The Switch offers are open nationwide to the following:
  • Totally new PLDT Home DSL/Fibr subscribers switching from competitor fixed wired, fixed wireless, pocket wifi or landline only services.
  • Existing PLDT landline only subscribers with subscription to competitor pocket wifi, fixed wired, or fixed wireless broadband subscription switching to PLDT Home DSL/Fibr.
3 Interested subscribers must submit the following documents to avail of the offer
  • Valid ID
  • Switch subscription contract
  • Signed Customer Information Sheet
  • Competitor bill
    • For those availing of the DSL/Fibr Switch Offer: non-PLDT broadband or landline subscribers switching to Home DSL/Fibr may still avail of the offer even without a competitor bill. In such cases, their Switch discounts shall take effect on their 4th month of subscription.
4 All applications received as well as subscriptions for the offers are subject to PLDT’s Standard Credit Screening and Facility Check.
5 The offers can be availed via all Home Booths, Sales and Service Centers nationwide and through
6 Lock in period for DSL- 24 months and Fibr-36 months.
7 Application is subject to approval posted available PLDT facilities nationwide.