What is Landline Plus?

The PLDT Landline Plus service is the instant and portable PLDT wireless landline service that allows you to bring and make unlimited landline calling anywhere in your local area. With this service, you can apply for a telephone line without hassle of installation or set-up. No wait and No wires.

What can I do with my PLDT Landline Plus?

You can enjoy the same call types as a Regular Fixed Landline service – incoming and out-going calls, NDD/IDD, plus SMS! 

Who can avail of this service?

This is open to all new residential and business applicants with telephone requirements.

How much will be the Monthly Service Fee and what do I get?

The PLDT Landline Plus comes with the following:

  • Unlimited landline local calls
  • P1.00/minute PLDT to PLDT NDD
  • Free 120 SMS

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What happens if I used up my FREE SMS?

When you use up your free SMS, additional P1.00/ message charges will apply.

How can I apply?

Apply online now and you will receive a confirmation of your order via email and SMS and then, our online sales processing team will handle your application with in 24-48 hours. For faster processing, fill out the required customer information, prepare and attach your government issued ID, and send a signed subscription certificate via email.

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