1 The Unli Fam Call Promo allows subscribers to enjoy unlimited calls to five (5) nominated Smart/Sun/TNT numbers.
2 The Unli Fam Call Promo is open to new and existing PLDT subscribers.
  1. For new PLDT subscribers

    Available to subscribers availing of a DSL Plan 1299 and up

  2. For existing PLDT subscribers
    • Subscribers must have good credit rating
    • Subscribed to or upgrading to any DSL Plan 1299 and up
3 UNLI Fam Call will have a monthly fee of P99/month.

Monthly fee will be waived for:

  • New PLDT subscribers availing of switch offers.
  • Existing PLDT DSL 990 subscribers upgrading to a DSL 1299 plan and up
4 Unli Fam Call subscribers will continue to be registered with the plan unless otherwise requested for disconnection or permanently disconnected due to non-payment.
5 Subscribers may nominate up to five (5) Smart/Sun/TNT numbers. Changing of nominated Smart/Sun/TNT numbers will only be allowed 1 month after the date of nomination.
6 Unli Fam Call may be availed with other PLDT call plans (e.g., One Philippines & One World).
7 NDD activation will be required to enjoy this promo.
  • Subscribers who do not have NDD Access need to submit financial documents as proof of income (e.g., Certificate of Employment, Pay Slips, Bank Statement, etc.)
  • Subject to approval of PLDT Credit.
8 Unli Fam Call may be availed though any PLDT Sales Channel.
9 Promo period: December 10, 2016 to June 30, 2017.