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R&R Goes Digital: 6 Smart Devices for Relaxation Worth Checking Out

Jun 29, 2022
By Excel V. Dyquiangco

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Knowing when to take a break might be difficult when juggling full-time work, a social life, and constant social media browsing. However, we must be mindful to give ourselves a mental vacation. Powered by the fast connectivity of PLDT Home WiFi Mesh System that can bring you up to 1,000 Mbps, these smart relaxation devices will guide you on the proper path toward the R&R you want and need!

Rest and relax the smarter way!


From Melomind Official Website

This Melomind Relaxation Headset uses electroencephalographic technology to educate your brain to relax. It assists you in minimizing your risk of depression, anxiety, and sleeplessness. Melomind creates a soothing audio soundscape to help neuroplasticity—basically, the capacity of your neurons and neural networks to change their connections and behavior in response to new information—to allow your brain to heal and grow stronger.

Unyte Interactive Meditation

From Unyte Official Website

Meanwhile, the Unyte Interactive Meditation Device is a biofeedback gadget that works with an app to help you better understand your psychological condition. There are 50 virtual and digital reality activities to help you meditate and reach absolute tranquility.

Zoe Personal Diffuser Meditation Light

From Pilgrim Collection Official Website

The Zoe Personal Diffuser Meditation Light sets you on the road to Relaxationville by combining a gentle glowing light and a diffuser in one. Combining auditory and olfactory relaxation treatments gives a more comprehensive approach to stress reduction—ideal for meditation or general use around the house.


From Mindband Official Website

Mindband, a pair of brain-sensing headphones, sits over your eyes and ears to guide you through meditation for more profound relaxation. It includes earphones that play soothing melodies when connected to the app, and the headband detects when your mind wanders. If it does, the noises get louder, refocusing your attention on relaxation.


From Umay Official Website

The Rest, the “world’s first tool for digital rest and relaxation,” is a thermal meditation device that employs natural meditative heat to deliver absolute relaxation as it rests on your eyelids. Thermal treatment is used in this unique technique to enhance your eye health. Additionally, it works in conjunction with thermal meditation to reduce stress and counterbalance the negative impacts of screen usage.


From Breathe Nation Official Website

Lastly, the Breathe 2 Meditation Lamp is a simple yet effective breath of fresh air for your space. This light gives a gentle glow that helps you focus on your breathing exercises, allowing you to relax completely. You'll receive the finest effects if you use Breathe every day to center and de-stress.


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