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How Smart Scales Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Jul 28, 2022
By Excel Dyquiangco

3 min read

AB_How Smart Scales Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

It's now common knowledge that being healthier entails far more than merely losing or gaining weight. Words such as “body composition,” “body mass index,” and “body fat percentage” are now more common in discussions regarding health—and for good reason. Not only are these terms beneficial to your overall well-being, but understanding them makes all the difference. So what exactly do they mean?

Track your progress beyond your weight

Knowing your body composition may help you get on the right track and remain there if you’re aiming to reduce weight, add muscle, or just get healthier in general. Smart scales help you do just that. Moreover, you can analyze these data better when you connect to the fastest home broadband available in the Philippines — PLDT Home.

Smart scales with bioelectric impedance analysis, BIA, measuring body fat

The benefits of smart scales

Smart scales may provide information on anything from body fat percentage, muscle mass, and bone density to water mass, heart rate, and metabolic age, in addition to simple weight measures.

Normal and ordinary scales will not tell you how much of your body is made up of fat, water, or muscle. You only receive one number back, indicating whether you’ve lost or gained weight. You may be exercising five times a week and eating salad for dinner, only to find that nothing has changed when you step on the scale.

If you weigh yourself every day on a regular scale, the amount you see is likely to be skewed by weight changes caused by things like dehydration or a large lunch. Weigh yourself once a week at comparable periods to get a good understanding of how your body is changing over time (usually first thing in the morning).

Why measure body composition?

Knowing your body composition offers you a comprehensive picture of your overall health and insight into areas where you should concentrate your efforts. Using body composition scales has a lot of advantages. It will, for starters, inspire you to reach your health objectives. Plus, you can figure out how much body fat you have and create a calorie limit that is appropriate and reasonable for your body.

By monitoring your body’s water levels, the scale may also tell you if you’re dehydrated or overhydrated.

If you evaluate your body composition and discover that you have a high-fat percentage, you should begin exercising while keeping track of your body fat percentage and muscle growth.

Are smart scales really smart?

Smart scales are smart, and according to some studies, they are “pretty accurate,” but can be wrong by as much as 0.5kg to 1kg or 1lbs to 2lbs. Because these scales are digital and not as exact as others, which uses weights to assess body mass, they may cause weight discrepancies.

Other functionalities may vary depending on the smart scale brand a person has purchased or is currently using, as different devices have distinct features. That said, users should only buy reputable fitness brand equipment so that their readings aren’t thrown off and incorrect readings aren’t given.

For starters, you can purchase the Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale that can track 10 different aspects of your body, including your weight, bone mass, body water, muscle mass, basic metabolism, fat rate, and visceral fat level. Best of all, it’s very affordable, too! Watch our complete review on the Next Upgrade YouTube Channel!


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