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Fight Viruses With These 5 Smart Devices

Aug 04, 2022
by Karess Rubrico

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AB_Smart Devices vs. Viruses

Amidst the ongoing pandemic, the first monkeypox case in the Philippines was detected Friday, July 29th. And as we’ve learned with the spread of COVID-19 over the past few years, it always pays to be extra careful. (It also helps to stay connected to relevant and factual news and updates with a PLDT Home Fiber Plus plan).

These smart tools keep you and your family protected from disease-causing viruses

We’ve rounded up a number of smart devices that have been developed in recent years to help curb and minimize the spread of disease-causing viruses like COVID-19.

Improve indoor air circulation with air purifiers

The best way to kill airborne germs and bacteria is by enhancing air circulation at home so fresh air regularly replaces stale and germ-laden air.

Most whole-home or room air purifiers are equipped with the latest technology to kill germs and bacteria from the air it pulls in, replacing it with clean and pathogen-free air. The Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier does precisely that, to keep you and your family safe. Check out our product feature below:

Xiaomi’s Mi Air Purifier has three layers of HEPA filters that eliminate germs, bacteria, allergens, and pollutants of varying kinds–it even works against volatile organic compounds, ensuring that you and your family don’t inhale poisonous gasses. Learn more about the Mi Air Purifier at mi.com.

Keep your home cool and virus-free with the Panasonic Premium Inverter XU Series AC

There’s nothing like the cooling comfort of an air conditioner, especially on humid days. Certain manufacturers have been making strides in ensuring that their products also protect us from the onset of airborne diseases.


From panasonic.com/ph

Panasonic recently released a line of air conditioners equipped with nanoe X technology to inhibit the spread of the novel coronavirus. According to tests from research institutions and various universities, 99% of COVID-19 was successfully eliminated in three hours. Nanoe X works by collecting moisture from the air and applying a high voltage to it, producing hydroxyl radicals that limit the growth of viruses and bacteria.

These window-type inverter ACs also come equipped with smart home technology, allowing you to do specific functions using your mobile phone. All you need to do is download the Panasonic Comfort Cloud app to get started. Check out Panasonic’s line of Premium Inverter Series XU air conditioners on the official Panasonic Philippines website.

Eliminate germs on fabrics with the Condura Ultra Aquacare Washing Machine

Because fabrics are porous, it’s more difficult to disinfect and sterilize these types of materials. Washing and drying them on the sanitizing cycle in your washing machine will do the trick.


From condura.com

Newer washing machine models, like Condura’s Ultra Aquacare Front Load Washing Machine, are equipped with specific settings that remove stains while killing germs and bacteria. The Aquacare’s Spa Control function enables the device to emit warm steam during the wash cycle. In addition, the heat also enables less fabric wrinkling, lessening the time to iron. This washing machine also has a Baby Care function that thoroughly removes all traces of detergent that can irritate your baby’s skin and even remove potential disease-causing particles. Check out the entire line of Condura Ultra Aquacare Washing Machines at the official Condura Philippines website.

Zap germs into nonexistence with UV sterilizers


From uvcare.net

UVC light has been used in hospitals to sterilize rooms and surgical tools, and the same types of devices are now available for household items. The UV Care Room Sterilizer is a U.S. FDA-registerted device that can cover up to 60sqm of space and is ideal for use in personal, corporate, and even hospital settings. The UV lights on this device are proven to kill 99.9% of harmful pathogens, inhibiting their growth and spread within the air and on surfaces. Check out UV Care’s Room Sterilizer on the UV Care official website.


From 59s.com

If you’re looking for a smaller-scale device for everyday items such as your mobile phone, the 59S S2 UV Sterilizer Box does the job. Simply fit the items inside the box, press the switch, and wait for a minute until removing them from the box. The 59S S2 UV Sterilizer Box is available on Shopee.

Keep your hands clean and sanitized with no-touch alcohol dispensers

Regularly washing or disinfecting our hands can keep us healthy and prevent the spread of many kinds of infections and diseases, including COVID-19 and monkeypox. In the event that soap and sink aren’t readily available, investing in an alcohol dispenser is a quick solution to sanitize your hands, especially when you’ve come from the outdoors.


From the Konka Philippines Official Facebook page

Konka’s Smart Sensor Alcohol Sprayer comes with a built-in infrared sensor that automatically dispenses its contents when it detects the warmth and motion of your hands. It can house 200ml of alcohol and has a long-lasting battery. Other than placing it near your door, you can use it in your bathroom, kitchen, and office desk. Konka’s automatic alcohol dispenser is available on Lazada.

Stay healthy with PLDT Home

An investment in your health is definitely one that lasts a lifetime. We hope these devices help you and your family stay safe and healthy amid the looming threats that come our way.


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