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What We Know So Far About LG’s Fitness Candy

Sep 09, 2022
By Excel Dyquiangco

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AB_What We Know So Far About LG’s Fitness Candy

A joint venture between LG Electronics (LG) and SM Entertainment (SM), one of South Korea’s top entertainment companies, Fitness Candy is an app established to provide First, Unique, and New (F.U.N.) user experiences to the quickly expanding home fitness market. In the business, LG and SM each own 51 and 49% of the shares.

Here comes the newest app soon to revolutionize home fitness!

Both partners presented their concepts for bringing fresh and distinctive home workout experiences during the Fitness Candy official launch event in Seoul, Korea. LG and SM intend to develop a holistic lifestyle platform, replete with content, services, and connected products, to assist individuals in addressing their health and fitness demands at home by combining their experience in cutting-edge consumer technology and entertainment.

LG Fitness Candy

From LG Newsroom

So what do we know so far about the LG Fitness Candy?

Fitness Candy will be released this September.

Woman stretching on yoga mat at home

Fitness Candy, which will operate via a subscription service-based app, is scheduled for release in September. It will be installable on various operating systems and gadgets, including smartphones and smart TVs. It will offer interactive, tailored services that gather information from smart bands, cameras, and workout equipment.

Fitness Candy offers various content and categories.

Strength training, core stability, HIIT, dancing, stretching, and meditation are the six types of material offered by Fitness Candy. Each category’s content will run for 10 to 40 minutes and be updated weekly.

Fitness Candy is not just focused on home fitness.

Woman using smartwatch

Fitness Candy focuses on producing user-friendly, enjoyable material that goes beyond home fitness. The firm intends to acquire a plethora of material, including sports, variety programs, and documentaries, as well as content that supports healthy diets, rehabilitation, and stress reduction, all under the umbrella of its tagline “Beyond Fitness, Sweet Life.”

Fitness Candy involves Korean athletes, celebrities, and stars.

Users of the Fitness Candy platform will have access to a variety of interactive fitness content featuring well-known Korean athletes, dancers, and other South Korean celebrities who are all actively involved in the content creation process. This will allow the company to offer users more engaging and professional content.

Fitness Candy may soon involve a variety of devices.

The creators of Fitness Candy plan to release a number of additional gadgets that may be connected to its app and improve consumers’ access to information. One of them uses LG’s AI camera and IoT platform to create a gadget that can identify and monitor users’ movements. The gadget connects wirelessly to the user’s TV and enables two-way communication, providing the ideal environment for engaging in live-streamed workout courses and conducting virtual one-on-one coaching sessions.

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