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Better Wellness And Safety Features From The New Apple Watch Series 8

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By Gracey Maala

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AB_Better Wellness _ Safety Features From The New Apple Watch Series 8

The latest smartwatch from Apple is finally here—the Apple Watch Series 8, which the brand claims to deliver best-in-class health features. To recap, Series 8 debuted during Apple’s ‘Far Out’ event on September 8, PH time. The event was anticipated as the biggest year ever for the Apple Watch, and the brand didn’t disappoint as it also released a new Apple Watch SE and the Apple Watch Ultra.

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An Apple Watch lets you stay well-versed in your wellness through its features and apps, helping you focus on your overall health and wellness. Gladly, the new Apple Watch Series 8 is packed with a slew of new features with an innovative temperature sensor that enables advanced features for women’s health and Crash Detection for safety tracking.

So what’s new about the latest Apple Watch Series 8 and the watchOS 9? We’ll tell you more!

Apple Watch Series 8 (1)

From Apple Official Website

Wrist temperature sensing for women’s health

Apple Watch Series 8 Temperature Sensing

From Apple Official Website

The Apple Watch Series 8 has innovative new temperature sensing capabilities that give women more information about their health, designed with the same privacy protections as with all other health data.

The watch's new temperature-sensing feature allows users to get retrospective ovulation estimates as well as improved period predictions. It can also help in family planning since users can benefit from knowing when ovulation has occurred and accessing other information through the Health app. Here's to a healthier and better you!

Your safety tracking companion

Outside of personal health, another major update to the Apple Watch Series 8's suite of features is crash detection. It lets you call for help or alert emergency services and contacts if you're involved in a car crash. Crash Detection uses an advanced sensor-fusion algorithm, a new, more potent accelerometer, and a gyroscope in Apple Watch to detect and deliver precise car crash alerts.

Crash Detection Apple Watch Series 8

New features from watchOS 9

There’s more! Apple brings new features and enhanced experiences to its latest wearable operating system. Although watchOS 9 may not have as many features as iOS 16 or iPadOS 16, it does offer some subtle but important changes that should improve your overall Apple Watch experience.

The Series 8 ships with watchOS 9, granting users access to more watch faces and added personalization options. In addition, the smartwatch is equipped with an updated Workout app, advanced metrics, views, and training experiences inspired by high-performing athletes to help users take their workouts to the next level.

The Sleep app also includes tracking REM (Rapid Eye Movement), Core, and Deep sleep, as shown in graphs. It allows you to track your sleep over time and gain knowledge about your sleep health.

Apple Watch Series 8

For users diagnosed with atrial fibrillation (AFib), the new FDA-cleared AFib History feature provides deeper insights into a user’s condition. The new Medications app, on the other hand, makes it easy for users to conveniently and discreetly manage, understand, and track medications. All for better health and wellness!

watchOS 9 is available as a free software update for Apple Watch Series 4 or later paired with iPhone 8 or later and iPhone SE (2nd gen) or later, running iOS 16.

Control your home with Apple Watch

Home App Apple Watch

An Apple Watch is smart home friendly as well! Controlling HomeKit-compatible devices, such as lights, locks, smart TVs, thermostats, and smart plugs, is made easier and safer thanks to the Home app. With your Apple Watch, all your controls are right on your wrist!

The accessories, scenes, and rooms that you add to your iPhone are available on your Apple Watch through the Home app. It allows you to view your home status as well as control your smart home accessories and scenes.

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