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Apple Fitness+ Now on iPhone: What You Need To Know

Jan 02, 2023 by Excel V. Dyquiangco

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AB_Apple Fitness+ Now on iPhone_ What You Need To Know

With the launch of the new iPhone 14 causing frenzy worldwide, there is more to celebrate! This new phone not only comes with so many features that you can use for your everyday living, but this can help you stay in shape.

With just your iPhone, you can rock your body with tons of workouts and meditations!

The good news is that with the arrival of the iPhone 14 series, Apple Fitness+ also became available to iPhone users. The award-winning fitness and wellness service became available for iPhone users in October 2022, even if they don’t have an Apple Watch. With iOS 16.1, Fitness+ will be fully integrated with the Fitness app, available in all 21 countries where the service is offered. So with Apple Fitness+ and connecting your iOS device to your speedy PLDT Home WiFi, you can now check out some fitness videos and music to inspire you to get fit!


Fitness+ for all kinds of fitness


iPhone users will have access to the entire service featuring more than 3,000 studio-style workouts and meditations, all led by a diverse and inclusive team of trainers. In addition, Apple Fitness+ offers many different workout categories such as HIIT, Yoga, Pilates, Treadmill Walk, Rowing, Mindful Cooldown, Treadmill Run, Dance, Strength, and Guided Meditation– a feature added alongside the launch of iOS 15.

Three trainers can be seen on screen at once in each Fitness+ video, and at least one of them will perform a "modified" exercise routine that is easier or less strenuous. For instance, one trainer may bike more slowly during cycling training, or one of the trainers might perform easier yoga postures. The leaders of other types of exercises are frequently the alternate trainers you see in fitness videos.

For people new to working out and still need to prepare for the usual routines, Apple has also introduced a series of 10 to 20-minute films. In these single-instructor films, instructions are given on how to set up the equipment or do a certain exercise.


Groove with Taylor Swift’s tunes


Fitness+ videos include music taken from Apple Music, which is accessible even to users who are not Apple Music subscribers. However, the ability to download Fitness+ playlists for usage outside the Fitness+ service is available to Apple Music members.

And interestingly, music by Taylor Swift is part of the service for the first time. A special solo Artist Spotlight series, including the recently released tracks from her album "Midnights," kick things off. New workouts incorporating her music were also released across exercise genres such as Core, Cycling, Dance, HIIT, Pilates, Rowing, Strength, Treadmill, and Yoga.

 Apple Fitness Plus Taylor Swift

From Apple Official Website


Other Features


You'll get a summary screen with all of your workout information after completing a fitness program, including total workout duration, average heart rate, active calories burnt, total calories burned, and more.

With personalized real-time stats that appear on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, Fitness+ customers with an Apple Watch can keep up their motivational momentum. They can also enjoy Time to Walk, Time to Run, and meditations using only their Apple Watch connected with Bluetooth-enabled headphones. There is indeed more to Apple’s award-winning fitness and wellness service than just a library of exercise videos!


With additional reporting from Gracey Maala.

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