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The Perfect Smart Gifts For Your Techie Dad

Jun 16, 2022
by Janice Roman

4 min read


Father’s Day is just a few days away! Once a year, we get to honor the amazing men who worked with our moms to raise us. Our fathers are our first superheroes, our first protectors, and our first teachers.

Let this Next Upgrade-approved guide help you on the hunt for the perfect present!

There are many ways to show love and appreciation on their special day, and the important thing is to tell them how much you love them and how grateful you are for their lives. If you’ve managed to save up and want to get something for your dad, these sleek, handy, and efficient smart devices will surely make your dad’s day on June 19! Here’s our list of the best out there for the best dads in the world!

Huawei Watch F

From Huawei Official Website

If your dad loves watches and cool techie stuff, the Huawei Watch Fit is a perfect Father’s Day gift for him! It’s especially enticing for fathers who are into sports or fitness. You can encourage them to tag along on your daily walks or workouts, and they can even track their progress with the metrics available in this smartwatch. It can connect to smartphones and tether with Google Fit to better utilize its features, too. The interface is also customizable to fit his preference, so it really makes for a great gift! To learn more about the Huawei Watch Fit, check out our Next Upgrade episode on YouTube about it.

Breville Fresh _ Furious

From Breville PH Official Website

In the age of superfoods and smoothies, a really efficient blender would come in handy for dads who like to stay fit or are always on the go. Maybe dad just loves to enjoy a nice cool shake during warm weather, so a Breville Fresh & Furious Blender is the smartest blender on the market. If your dads love spending time in the kitchen, this is the perfect present for him! It has five speeds, one for different recipes: mix, chop, blend, puree, and liquefy. For shakes and smoothies alone, the blender can be tuned to make green smoothies, fruit and milk smoothies, and even crush ice shakes. Watch our Next Upgrade episode on YouTube for our complete review!

Google Home Mini

From Google Store Official Website

We’ve all heard of voice-activated virtual assistants designed to perform almost any task that doesn’t involve heavy lifting. One of the best options locally available to us is the Google Home Mini. Think of it as the Google browser, but instead of issuing commands via search box, you do it via voice command. Busy dads would surely appreciate receiving a smart assistant on Father’s Day. We got our hands on this smart device on our Next Upgrade episode on YouTube.

AMAZINGTHING All-in-One UV-C Sanitizer Pad Pro with E-Pad Power Bank

From Power Mac Center Official Website

The pandemic isn’t over yet—and, even if it ends soon, it will leave a lasting impression on how we go about our daily lives. The constant need to disinfect our hands upon getting home or to clean our gadgets, wallets, and keys after an entire day outdoors will forever be a part of our routines now. But then, smartphones and wallets are not designed to be sprayed with disinfectants, so the better and safer option is the AMAZINGTHING All-in-One UV-C Sanitizer Pad Pro with E-Pad Power Bank. It’s a sanitizer that uses ultraviolet lights to kill germs and viruses. It comes with a box that can fit small items (such as cellphones, keys, wallets, and earphones) and a built-in 6000mAh power bank that can go both wired and wireless charging. It’s a real must-have for working dads who are constantly on their phones! Check out our review on this Next Upgrade episode on YouTube!

Chipolo ONE

From Chipolo

Misplacing items is annoyingly easy, but finding them can be much easier through the ingenious Chipolo ONE. It’s a tracking device with a built-in speaker and Bluetooth. It has a key loop, so you can attach it to items you constantly misplace. As long as it is connected to your phone, simply press the locate button on the app, and the locator will start ringing to notify you of the location of the item you are looking for! Learn more about this Bluetooth tracker here!

Breville Barista Touch

From Breville PH Official Website

Coffee is life! Even before Millennials and Gen Zs started a love affair with it, our dads have been slurping hot coffee while we were still in diapers. If you feel like your dad is sick and tired of tearing sachets of instant coffee, you may want to consider gifting him with Breville Barista Touch. A personal home espresso machine with preset recipes for various coffee types, Breville eliminates all the intimidating buttons and controls, in favor of a user-friendly touchscreen with simplified options for ease of use. With this, dad can be your family’s resident barista! Watch our Next Upgrade episode on YouTube to learn more about it! Make sure to stream it with PLDT Home’s All-New Fiber Plus Plans.


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