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Rainy Day Tech Essentials: Must-Haves For Braving The Wet Season

Aug 17, 2022
by Gracey Maala

3 min read

AB_Rainy Day Tech Essentials_ Must-Haves For Braving The Wet Season

Sweater weather is all cozy sheets and pajamas until you need to commute to school or work. From June to November, we experience days with the most rain in the country—and rainy days can occur anytime, so it’s a must to be prepared to stay safe and dry!

Make sure you’re ready for the weather!

Couple with umbrellas on a rainy day

Along with packing emergency go-bags and safeguarding important documents, we must find ways to secure our valuables, especially our electronics, so they can be well-protected against all forms of water damage. You shouldn’t let the rain ruin your day or your gear, so here are some must-haves you can add to your cart now!

Baseus Cylinder Slide-Cover Waterproof Bag Pro

Starts at ₱339

Baseus Cylinder Slide-Cover Waterproof Bag Pro

From Baseus Official Store

Investing in waterproof or water-resistant covers and cases is a smart idea for users who like to carry their gadgets around. This case from Baseus features a five-layer waterproof seal, IPX8 waterproof rating, transparent TPU, and a cotton lanyard. It’s great for protecting your phone against water in various scenarios. Plus, it works with different smartphone models of up to 7.2 inches!

Xiaomi Smart Band 7
Starts at 2,399

Xiaomi Smart Mi Band 7

From Xiaomi Global Official Website

These days, fitness bands aren’t strictly for fitness anymore. For example, the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 has a 5ATM water-resistance rating, which comes quite handy especially during the rainy season. It’s water resistant to depths of 50 meters, so you shouldn’t have a problem getting stuck in bad weather with this band!

Ocean Pack 30L Dry Bag Waterproof Bag

Starts at 195

Ocean Pack 30L

From Ocean Pack Shop Official Store

When it’s raining heavily and you’re biking or commuting to work, it might be difficult to keep your devices dry with your usual bag. With a waterproof bag, you can ease your travel anxieties and safeguard all of your equipment and valuable documents. Dry bags keep our equipment secure at all times and are perfect for travel and sports. Aside from this, most dry bags use flexible and robust materials to keep moisture and water out, making them dependable for storing valuable items like cameras and smartphones in various situations.

Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 PD
Starts at ₱2,876

Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 PD

From Anker Official Store

Whether you’re going out or staying at home, having a power bank is essential—especially when the weather is terrible. It gives you the convenience of charging your gadgets while you’re still out, stuck in the traffic, or if there’s a power interruption. The Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 PD gives 92 hours of extra power. With support for both Power Delivery and Quick Charge, you can now power up virtually any mobile device. In addition, the two 18W charging ports provide high-speed charging to a huge range of USB-C and USB devices.

Promate 120 Powerstation

Starts at ₱7,199

Promate 120

From Promate Official Store

We’re all aware of how vital electricity is in a time when everyone is dependent on technology. A power outage, however, is more likely to occur during periods of heavy downpours and typhoons, so it’s best to always be prepared for circumstances like these. It’s ideal to invest in emergency power stations to help us from going without electricity and maintaining our connectivity. The Promate 120 features a compact, rectangular body with rubber-coated shields for protection. It has connectivity slots, including two 12V DC cigarette lighter outlets, three USB ports, and a 220V AC outlet. A 38,900mAh single-cell power bank battery powers this station, and it weighs 4.95g—the perfect backup for emergencies!


We hope you always take the time to prepare your stuff ahead of time, as we can never tell when bad days and disasters happen. Stay informed and updated while you stay connected with the fastest home broadband connection you can possibly have offered by PLDT Home’s Fiber Plus Plans. Safety must always come first. Stay safe and dry!


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