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Back-To-School Budol: Tech Accessories Under ₱1,000 Perfect For Hybrid Learning

Aug 23, 2022
by Gracey Maala

4 min read

AB_Back-to-School Budol_ Accessories Under ₱1,000 That’ll Make Hybrid Learning Better

As face-to-face classes resume for most institutions, we once again get to experience one of the most exciting moments in a student’s life—shopping for back-to-school essentials!

Make learning fun! Equip your study area at home with these tech buys!

In the past, the typical supplies list only included the usual notebooks, pens, and other stationery. However, the academic landscape has radically changed since; especially because online distance learning has become our reality in past years. Nowadays, there’s a plethora of smart gadgets and devices that we’ve discovered make learning better.

Aside from that, there's no better time to prepare students for education than with the latest tech and accessories! If you’re on the lookout for some tools to add to your study desk that won’t break the bank, read on for some must-haves on our list!

ANSEN Laptop Stand with Cooler Fan


Ansen Laptop Stand

From Ansen PH Official Store

It could be exhausting to stay in front of your desk for extended periods of time. That’s why it’s good to look for a laptop stand or mount that will help you observe proper posture while sitting through your classes the whole day. By raising your screen up to a comfortable level, you can avoid hunching your shoulders. This laptop stand from ANSEN has an adjustable height of up to 27cm and is suitable for a variety of laptops from 10 to 17.3 inches. Its bracket is made of aluminum alloy, allowing it to easily carry 10kg with stability. Lastly, it comes with a dual fan for better cooling your laptop, producing a large volume of air that makes air supply smoother and heat dissipation faster.

Gigaware TB-30SA Screenbar Light


Gigaware TB-30SA Screenbar Light

From Gigaware Official Store

Needless to say, you need sufficient light when you’re attending classes or studying. Adding Gigaware’s Screenbar Light to your monitor provides proper lighting for your desk with no glare. It has a specially designed clip that works with most monitors, and it boasts a slew of nifty features such as three-color temperature adjustment, supports timer mode, and angle adjustment.

Tylex XE07 Power Strip Box


Tylex Power Strip Box

From Tylex Official Store

Organizers are essential in keeping the cleanliness of your space to create a better studying environment. To avoid cluttered cables and cords in your area, Tylex’s Power Strip Box is a multi-functional piece you won’t regret buying. This supports multiple USB charging with its three USB ports and has five universal sockets to meet different requirements. In addition, it comes with a main control button, a 2m heavy-duty power cord, and a piercing bottom to ensure heat dissipation. It stows away neatly in its own box, perfect for overall organization.

Thunlit College Desk Lamp

Starts at ₱359

Thunlit College Desk Lamp

From Thunlit Official Store

Another good find that deserves a spot on your desk is the Thunlit College Desk Lamp. This lamp supports adjustable brightness and has three color temperatures: white light, warm light, and warm white light. It works not only as a lamp but also serves as a pen holder and phone holder, which is pretty useful and convenient. Plus, it can be plugged in or recharged with its 1,250mAh battery capacity.

Baseus Encok WM01 TWS Earphones


Baseus WM01 TWS Bluetooth Earphones

From Baseus Official Store

The Baseus WM01 TWS Bluetooth Earphones is a pair of budget TWS earphones with charging case that provides up to 25 hours of total playback. It boasts a smart environmental noise canceling feature, auto-detect for automatic pairing and connection, Bluetooth 5.0, touch controls, and a very minimalist design.

Logitech MK215 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse


Logitech MK215

From Logitech Official Store

If you need a good keyboard-mouse combo to upgrade your setup, then the Logitech MK215 Combo is just what you need. This pairing sports a compact design and reliable Logitech wireless technology that liberates you from the hassle of organizing wires! Both are equipped with 2.4 GHz wireless technology and an effective signal receiver, offering better connectivity. The compact and space-saving design also enables the keyboard and mouse to be accommodated easily.

Additionally, both devices support plug-and-play, perfect for use with your desktop, laptop, or both. The keyboard has two years of battery life, while the mouse lasts 5 months with two AAA batteries.

There you have them! Those are just some of our recommendations under ₱1,000 that can help you achieve a more comfortable learning and working space. Once you’ve got the right accessories, make sure that you also have the fastest and most reliable home broadband from PLDT Home. After all, a reliable Internet opens doorways to a wealth of information, knowledge, and educational resources!


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