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As seen on TikTok: Gadgets and Accessories to Level Up Your WFH and SFH Life

Apr 18, 2022
By Gracey Maala

3 min read


With 1 billion monthly active users, it’s undeniable that TikTok remains at the top when it comes to short-form videos. The platform has been everyone's go-to for all kinds of content—from dance challenges to informative videos, how-to hacks to gadget recommendations, and more.

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When you can scroll through TikTok for hours on end, it’s great to have fast internet speeds that would boost your online experience and video-streaming sessions without interruption. PLDT Home’s Fiber Unli and Fiber Plus plans let you stream to your heart’s content for as low as ₱1,699!

Browsing 15- to 30-second videos becomes even more interesting, especially when we spot cool and useful gadgets that people recommend. You’ve probably seen one or two of these #TikTokFinds in your own feed, so we’ve summed up our favorites to help you narrow down your list! (In case your cart is like ours with 99+ things in it!)

Check out these gadgets and accessories to help boost your WFH and Study From Home (SFH) life!

Laptop Desk Mount

Laptop Desk Mount

From Shopee

Staying in front of your desk for long hours is obviously tiring. That’s why it is good to look for a laptop stand or mount that will help your back and posture by raising your screen up to a comfortable level. It would be ideal to go for an adjustable one to suit your desired position; hence, a multipurpose mount like this is a must-have for the flexibility it brings.

Deskcise Pro V9

Flexispot Deskcise Pro V9

From Flexispot Official Website

No time to exercise? Worry no more because you can squeeze in a workout with this all-in-one desk bike! It lets you work/study while cycling to help your body stay active and increase your energy and focus. It has an adjustable and comfortable seat, a moveable and spacious desktop, and easy-rolling casters, so it can easily keep up with your busy schedule!

Baseus Screen Hanging Light

Baseus Screen Hanging Light

From Baseus Official Website

Say goodbye to eye strain! Your desk may not have sufficient light, so extra lighting would be a great addition to your desk. The Baseus Screen Hanging Light has an asymmetric light source design, so it doesn’t create any glare. You can also adjust the brightness and choose from different modes to suit your needs. Plus, it easily attaches to monitors—even to curved ones!

Foldable Phone Holder with Fill Light

Foldable Phone Holder with Fill Light

From Shopee

A flexible phone holder with light is great to have on hand, too! Besides allowing you to shoot your TikToks while on break, it can also be used as lighting for online classes or meetings. This particular model is super flexible, with several heights, angles, and light modes to choose from, so you get the most out of one purchase!

Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock

Mi Smart Clock

From Xiaomi

If you want a desk clock that you can customize, this Xiaomi smart clock is for you. It has a 4.0-inch color touchscreen display that shows weather, time, calendar, and even photos. This minimalist piece doubles as an entertainment hub and controller, allowing voice control of various Mi smart devices through the dedicated Mi Home app.

Heating Coaster

Heating Coaster

From Shopee

Start the day with hot coffee, and go through the day without it getting cold! This heating coaster comes in handy for keeping your drink at an ideal temperature, so you can take your time enjoying your cup. This device will keep your drink warm—just watch the video!

Have you ever purchased something online just because you saw it on TikTok? Share your experience with us in the comments or tell us on our TikTok account!


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By Gracey Maala

Gracey is the lead content writer for Next Upgrade’s Technology and Gaming sections. She loves to explore and learn new stuff for work, while she enjoys telling stories, watching TV series, and bonding with her mom and dogs in her free time.