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Start Your Smart Home Journey With These Brands

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By Janice Roman

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The smart lifestyle is within your reach!


Imagine yourself in your newly bought space. The budget is in place, so you thought of turning your nest into a smart one. As there are thousands of smart devices available in the market, the search for suitable brands has become a bit of a challenge.

We know it gets confusing as products may appear as though they provide the same advantages with only price differences. So how do you know which among them is the best? When finding the right product gets overwhelming, always go back to the basics of building a smart home. Meanwhile, let us get you across some of the most preferred brands in smart technology!



From Amazon

Amazon is known for its smart home system called the Amazon Echo, which allows users to command a virtual assistant named Alexa. It can play music, answer general questions, set the alarm, broadcast news, and connect with various smart devices at home. Connecting Alexa to smart devices doesn’t necessarily mean it should be from the Amazon brand, too. Some devices are compatible with this artificial intelligence (AI) assistant, like the Philips Hue smart bulbs, which can be set up depending on a room’s mood. Maybe you want to turn down the lights while you binge-watch HBO Go?



From Google Store

Google introduced the Google Home Mini, one of the most affordable smart assistants in the market, with a suggested retail price of ₱1,499. Similar to Alexa, you can connect Google Home Mini with your smart devices, such as smartphones, television, light bulbs, and plugs. It also comes with a customizable phrase feature. When you say, “Google, ang dilim ng kwarto (Google, the room is dark), your smart assistant will turn the smart light on for you. To set up your device, you just have to install the Google Home app on your smartphone and follow the steps featured in Next Upgrade’s video.



From Huawei

Although Huawei is known for its technology-advanced smartphones, such as the Huawei P30 Pro, Huawei also manufactures smartwatches. The Huawei Watch Fit comes with 96 workout modes (from yoga to HIIT) with a sensor motion to check the user’s heart rate and track the number of steps taken and body mass index. If you and your gym buddy want to burn those calories and achieve a summer-ready bod, track your workout progress with Huawei Watch Fit! It can help you set reminders and notify you so you won’t miss your fitness goals.



From Mi Official Website

Did you know that Xiaomi offers a variety of smart home and eco-friendly devices, from cleaning devices to electric appliances? If you want to save more energy and money on your next electricity bill, go for that Xiaomi Smart Plug that turns your normal appliances into smart ones by connecting them to your Google Home Mini. Just say the command, and your virtual assistant will be there to the rescue! What’s more, the Xiaomi Smart Plug only costs ₱495! Sulit!


No matter how techie your devices are, you can’t achieve a smart home without a stable internet connection. If you’re looking for an internet provider that has the fastest and strongest connection, go for PLDT Home Fiber Plus. You can choose from one of four plans: 100mbps, 300mpbs (The bestseller!), 600mbps, and 1000mbps. Price varies, depending on your budget and online activity. The higher the internet speed, the optimal results you can get out of your smart devices. Visit PLDT Home website to learn more.

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