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Budget-Conscious: Smart Home Devices Under ₱2,000 You Can Buy Today

Jun 16, 2022
By Janice Roman

4 min read


Technology makes life easier. We may never ascertain where that line came from, but we agree with it. With every breakthrough in technology, humanity has pushed the boundaries of what’s possible. From the invention of the wheel up to smartphones. The tasks that were once demanding became effortledss. Take snail mail, for example. Gone are the days when you have to wait for a month to get a reply from a loved one who’s overseas. Phonebooks and physical maps are things of the past. You can now access every registered contact number using a device that fits in your pocket and the palm of your hand. Nowadays, all it takes is a smartphone and an internet connection. And as we move higher up in the tech tree, innovations that were once industrial and corporate are now becoming domestic. The cartoonish antics of the 60s animated sitcom The Jetsons are slowly becoming a reality, as a smart home is now attainable. And by attainable, we mean prices are competitive that you can start transforming your house into a smart home right after reading this article.

Upgrade your home without breaking the bank!

Here are some cheap and handy smart home devices that you can buy for less than P2,000:

Smart assistant

You have probably heard of Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. Alexa and Siri are smart assistants installed on your devices to perform tasks and answer questions. These technologies utilize artificial intelligence to recognize and respond to commands and queries. They are mostly voice-activated. And depending on the specific type you have, smart assistants can be commanded to activate other smart devices linked to your smart home network. You can command them to access your computer or your smartphone. You can ask them to search for soft files, check the weather, check the news, set reminders, play music and videos, search for and call a contact, compose electronic messages and even conduct a Google search. Think of them as a secretary and a search engine rolled into one. 

Google also introduced the Google Home Mini, one of the affordable smart assistants in the market, with a suggested retail price of P1,499. You can connect Google Home Mini with your smart devices, such as smartphones, television, and plugs, and can perform customizable command phrases like “Google, turn off the lights.” To set up your device, you just have to install the Google Home app on your smartphone and follow the steps featured in Next Upgrade’s video. 

They require electricity and a strong internet connection to work. So if you are planning to get a smart assistant, it is highly recommended to get a connection that can hit as much as 50mpbs upload speed on speed test sites, like PLDT Home Fiber. Now, if you got sold the idea of buying a smart assistant for your home, you upgrade your internet connection with fiber-fast speeds for as low as P1,700.


Smart LED bulb

Have you ever been stuck in the dilemma of being too sleepy to get up to turn off the lights so you decide to leave it on? But the glare somehow interferes with your beauty sleep, so you annoyingly spend whatever little strength you have to get up and flick the switch. Well, pretty soon, you can put those days behind you with the smart bulb. A light bulb with built-in Wi-Fi. Once connected, you can use your smartphone to turn it on or off or simply tell your smart assistant to do it for you. Some brands even come with a hundred or more different light colors, and you can tell your smart assistant to switch between colors. Starting price is around P899.


From Viribright™ Lighting

Smart plug

From LED bulbs that can be switched on and off via voice command, we up the game with a device that can turn outdated devices smart. Here we have an extension cord, with a switch and Wi-Fi, of course. Just like the smart LED bulb, the smart plug can be connected to your smartphone. Once connected, you can remote control the switch of any device or appliance that’s plugged into it. That means you can literally command your smart assistant to turn on your TV, computer, and even your microwave oven. Aside from the obvious convenience, it also makes your home safer from fires caused by overheating appliances or faulty electrical wiring. Prices start at just P495.


From Lazada 

Robot vacuum

For many young professionals, rest day ironically means cleaning day. It is the time of the week when you push yourself to do the household chores that you were too tired to do during the weekdays. What if a smart device actually can help you maintain a smooth and spotless floor? This ingenious little gizmo does the sweeping while you binge HBO Go, workout, play games or even keep yourself busy with other stuff. Superior versions can be remotely controlled through an app or just put on autopilot and let the robot take its course. They are programmed to avoid bumping into hard surfaces, and even if they do bump, their overall design enables them to bounce off and avoid major damage. They are designed to sweep through tiles, carpet, linoleum, wooden floors and even smooth concrete. And when the battery runs low, the artificial intelligence (AI) is programmed to return to its charging station. Prices for the robot vacuum start at P1,299.


From Xiaomi Philippines


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