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Better Productivity at Home: How Lighting Affects How You Work

Aug 01, 2022
by Karess Rubrico

3 min read

AB_Better Productivity at Home_ How Lighting Affects How You Work

Productivity isn’t just limited to the computers we use, our desk setups, our WiFi connections, or even the apps and devices we use to get things done.

Our physical environment has an effect on how we work–and lighting has a lot to do with it

The amount of light we receive as we do our work plays an important role in our productivity, mood, and even our health. 

Here are some reasons why, and some ways how we can augment lighting in our current work setup if we don’t have access to natural light.

Let the sunshine in

There’s growing evidence that exposure to sunlight while we work affects not just our productivity, but our overall health. “Light is the most important synchronizing agent for our brain and our body," Ivy Cheung, a co-author of a study published in the US Journal of Sleep Medicine, stated. Exposure to natural light also affects our sleep and our body’s production of Vitamin D, which is connected to increased levels of alertness, energy, mood, and motivation.

Modern white working setup in nature

However, not every office building or work-from-home setup has access to daylight. Some of us may work nights, too. How, then, can we address the need for lighting solutions if sunlight isn’t readily available?

Light temperatures and colors

Before we go deeper into lighting solutions for your workspace, we need to understand the difference between light colors and light temperatures.

Lighting temperatures are measured in Kelvin (K). The higher the light temperature is, the cooler and brighter the light will be. Higher colored temperatures are considered “cool” because they emit blue and violet hues. On the other hand, lower colored light sources are called “warm” because they produce orange, yellow, and red shades.

Modern desk setup

Photo by Nubelson Fernandes

To give you an everyday example of how that looks, a typical sunny day is considered a cool color; in contrast, the glow from a bonfire is considered warm.

In order to mimic daylight, you will need a lighting system that is capable of producing cool colors. Cooler light makes us more productive and awake, while warmer lights invite us to relax and rest.

Of course, our computer monitors, smartphones, and other mobile devices already emit cool (blue) light–but using them with harsh fluorescent lights, or no lights at all, won’t let you reap the benefits of having the right lighting system for your working setup. Here’s where smart lighting comes in.

The smart solution to illuminating your workspace

Smart lighting, unlike regular fluorescent light, has the ability to mimic daylight, helping you stay more focused, productive, and motivated as you work. What’s more, you can reap its benefits when you work nights, or in bad weather conditions.

The beauty of smart lighting systems is the versatility they offer based on your needs. A smart bulb or light strip allows you to control your lighting to warm or cool at specific times of the day. You can schedule a cooler light setting at the start of your workday, and have your lights warm as you finish up. The change of light hues serves as a signal to your brain to relax, wind down, and decompress.

Controling light bulb temperature and intensity with a smartphone app

Smart lights can also be linked with other smart devices in your home, allowing you a more immersive experience when it comes to productivity or rest.

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