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Safe Than Sorry: Top Tips to Keep Your Smartphones Secure

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by Gracey Maala

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AB_Safe Than Sorry_ Top Tips to Keep Your Smartphones Secure

There’s no denying how smartphones have become intimately connected to our daily lives. We use them for a variety of purposes, including setting our morning alarm, communicating with friends and family, checking the latest news, listening to music, watching videos, checking our emails, and more.

These are the five simple steps to mobile security!

Woman using smartphone while sitting on couch

That said, smartphones inevitably carry records of our private conversations, photos, internet search history, and other personal data that we must protect.

While it’s impossible to keep our privacy entirely secure on any smartphone, there are plenty of things we can do to heighten our security and privacy. So here are some tips on how you can keep your smartphones secure.

Keep it locked with a strong passcode.

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While face or fingerprint recognition are super convenient features, passcodes are a form of fail-safe protection against unauthorized access to your smartphone and personal data. They can protect highly personal data on your device, including private messages, contact information, and even mobile banking data. Locking your smartphone also prevents random strangers from being able to get into it, and it keeps your data secure if your device is ever stolen.

Backup your data.

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Smartphones can sometimes be complicated to use, and a simple mistake can result in the loss of an important file, image, or contact. In such cases, having a phone backup will come in handy.

Many factors can cause you to lose your phone data accidentally and unexpectedly. That’s why backing up your mobile phone data complete with encryption protects you from losing it forever in the event that the phone is lost, stolen, or broken. In such instances, it’s usually preferable to be cautious rather than regret later.

Head over to the following links to know how to back up your data:

Only install apps from trusted sources.

App Store

From App Store Official Website

Before downloading any app, do your research first to ensure it’s legitimate. You may also take note of these three things to consider before installing an app: use official app stores, know the information the app will be able to access, and check out the permissions.

Many untrusted apps contain malware that, once installed, can steal information, install viruses, and harm the contents of your phone. Any source that’s verified by Google, Apple, Samsung, Amazon, and other trusted agencies is referred to as trusted sources.

Transact only with trusted digital payment platforms.


From Maya Official Website

Phishing, smishing, vishing, and other fraud schemes are prevalent in the digital world, which target bank clients, credit card holders, e-wallet accounts, online shopping, and other users of online financial services. You must stay vigilant.

It’s a must to transact only with known people through a trusted and reliable platform like Maya, especially when you’re paying your bills. Maya is a convenient platform to use for fast, secure, and hassle-free payments for personal and business use.

PLDT Home users can also enjoy convenient payment options when it’s their turn to pay the bills. This partnership allows its customers to settle their bills with just a tap of a few buttons, all without lining up at payment centers or using physical currency.

Set up a VPN.

Hand holding phone with app vpn on screen

As we do so much online, keeping your activities secure and private is becoming increasingly important. A virtual private network (VPN) protects your internet connection from prying eyes and data interception by encrypting it. If you're using public WiFi or another WiFi network that you don't have control over, you should always utilize a VPN.

Keep your phone’s OS updated.

Apple Software Update

Photo from Apple

Last, but definitely not the least: keep your smartphone’s software up to date. If you don’t keep your phone updated, you’re opening yourself up to vulnerabilities hackers can exploit to steal your data.

According to the Federal Communications Commission in the United States, updating your phone’s operating system when notified to do so helps patch security gaps and improve your device’s overall performance.

On Android devices, you can update your software any time by going to Settings > About Phone > System Update. On iOS devices, go to Settings > General, then tap Software Update. Remember that you shouldn’t miss the latest security updates!

Make sure to keep your security in check by performing the above! Completing all of these steps is the ultimate aim as each one improves your online security and privacy, but most important of all is having a safe and secure Internet connection through PLDT Home WiFi!


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