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Smart Hacks: 5 Upgrades To Make Your Space More Conducive To Productivity

Sep 06, 2022 by


by Excel Dyquiangco

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AB_Smart Hacks_ 5 Upgrades To Make Your Space More Conducive To Productivity

It goes without saying that our surroundings have a profound impact on us, both overtly and covertly. Where we work or study should be free of distractions to help us concentrate on our tasks and keep us productive.

Take note of these helpful tips when setting up your office or study at home!

Luckily, building the ideal office or study is so much easier now that we have access to a wide range of smart tools and a more reliable Internet connection from PLDT Home and its all-new Fiber Plus Plans. No matter the size of your desk at home, these upgrades are sure to make your space more conducive to studying or working.

Have good lighting.

Cozy workplace lit by warm lighting from metal desk lamp

Did you know that poor lighting impacts your concentration cycle and overall performance? To improve lighting in your space, you can easily replace your desk lamp’s regular lightbulb with a smart bulb. Create the ideal environment for your workspace by configuring your smart lighting automations to turn on at the times you study and adjusting the light’s temperature to suit your preference.

Switch to smart speakers.

Woman with laptop using smart speaker at home

To support you in staying productive, smart speakers come in handy for answering pressing questions, setting important reminders, making calls, playing background music and soft noises that enhance your productivity, and more. You can make the most out of your Amazon Echo or Google Nest by optimizing its features to work for you while you work!

Ring up your smart alarm clock.

Mi Smart Clock

From Mi Global Official Website

Make cutting-edge technology work for you with a smart clock by your side. Start off your day on the right foot by setting up routines that let you keep track of information like your calendar, the weather, the news, and more. Smart clocks also double as smart assistants and smart speakers, so you can get hands-free help or play your favorite music to minimize distractions as you work.

Use a smart diffuser.

Closeup of aroma oil diffuser on the table at home

Set the right mood for you to work with scents that wake up your senses and boost your focus. Stay energized by diffusing fragrances such as orange, rosemary, sage, peppermint, and eucalyptus to enhance memory and cognitive function.

Upgrade to smart headphones.

Young woman wearing wireless headphones working with laptop

Wireless headphones can go beyond simply having the convenience of using them without being tethered to a desk. Choose a pair with active noise-cancelling features to help you communicate better in meetings and calls. This can also come in handy for tuning out distractions while you work, helping you focus more on finishing your tasks.

With additional reporting from Elaine Calderon.


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