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3 Things to Expect in the Smart Home of the Future

Sep 23, 2022
by JR Carag

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AB_The Future of Smart Homes

In the ever-evolving smart home market, a lot can happen in just a few years. With smart home products becoming more and more affordable, owning a smart home may no longer be considered a luxury in the future, but the norm of what a modern home should be.

These innovations could be the future of smart homes!

If upgrading to smart homes is the direction our world is going, what should we expect from smart homes of the future? (A fast and reliable internet connection is definitely a must-have to power up your home, the smart way.) Read on to find out what we think are some of the innovations we might see in the smart home space in the future!

Built from the ground up

Smart screen with smart home and modern living room

What if the next upgrade for the smart home isn’t just another device but the entire home itself? Local real estate developers are already developing smart homes, built from the ground up, for the more tech-savvy next generation of homeowners. Home developers are currently integrating smart devices into the planned home construction, with built-in smart sensors, smart plugs, smart lights, and smart hubs–freeing us from thinking where to best place our smart home hubs in our households. Also, with the introduction of Matter as the new communication standard for smart homes, developers have more options in choosing smart devices for the home, ensuring that they will all work seamlessly.

Soon enough, we may be living in structures constructed with smart materials. A team led by Julio D’Arcy, an assistant professor of Chemistry at the Washington University in St. Louis, USA, has developed smart bricks. These materials are made from ordinary red bricks coated in a PEDOT polymer mixture that can both store and conduct electricity. Further improvements of this technology can lead to future smart homes being their own backup power source, ensuring that a home stays connected, even if the main source of power is cut off. Now imagine this innovation combined with solar panel technology–smart homes can be more sustainable and energy-efficient in the long run!

Voice commands soon to become a thing of the past

Brain computer interface

Soon, your smart device can have the ability to literally read your mind. Sounds far-fetched? Well, there’s already technology available that would make it possible through a process called Brain-Computer Interface (BCI).

Through BCI, our brainwaves will be read safely by sensors on the scalp through an electroencephalography (EEG) device, which then sends the captured brainwaves to a central device for interpretation. From there, an action is executed based on the interpreted brainwave–essentially making it possible to telepathically communicate with our smart devices!

Studies testing the viability of this technology for smart home applications have already been conducted. With further improvements, this could be available for commercial use in the future! Now, this may not be as necessary as an upgrade for most, but BCI could greatly benefit the elderly and persons with disabilities who are unable to conventionally interact with smart devices in their homes.

The next upgrade in computing

Quantum computing

With more people upgrading to smart devices, it means there will be exponentially more data sets being tracked and transported through these devices every second. So much more that maybe conventional computing, the one we have now, may not be enough.

Enter quantum computing. The concept is based on the phenomenon of quantum mechanics, where it is possible to be in more than one state at a time. In a nutshell, it’s the next generation of computing that will elevate both the speed and power of our processing units.

Quantum computing is still currently under development, but its application in IoT devices would be game-changing. From enhanced cybersecurity to improved machine learning and artificial intelligence, the possibilities with quantum computing could be out of this world.

The future now within reach with PLDT Home

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