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Why Is My Phone Battery Draining So Fast? 5 Reasons Why

Nov 15, 2022 by Louigi Balao

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AB_Why Is My Phone Battery Draining So Fast_ X Reasons Why

The commute home can be a very long one; large queues, bumpy rides, or even a solitary walk. The solution to ease the art of commuting can come in a small package—your trusty mobile phone. Having an interesting podcast, complete movie, or even a beloved K-Drama series can save you from the stress of commuting.

Knowing how and what consumes your battery will save you from future headaches.

Now, imagine 30 minutes of use just to see your battery in the red right after. Sad right? Sometimes you swear that you charged it to full before leaving the office or classroom, but you are just greeted with a fast battery drain. The question now arises, “Why is my phone battery draining so fast?” so stick around to find out more and hopefully reduce this instance.

Closeup of low battery smartphone

Staying connected.
Despite working or studying during the day, we are sometimes victims of short bursts of phone time. This means we sometimes pick up our phone to quickly have a conversation with someone, look through Twitter, watch a funny video, and more of the sorts. To do these activities, we need access to WiFi or mobile data. However, the constant connection to WiFi or mobile data can drain your battery, so if you are keen on conserving your battery, you might as well switch to airplane mode for the time being.

However, we understand that connecting to a speedy and reliable Internet, like PLDT Home Fiber Plus Plans, makes you want to stay online all day long. We can’t blame you for that, though.

Blinding display. Most modern phones come with an adaptive screen function that adjusts your mobile phone display accordingly to surrounding light sources to properly show what is on the screen. Although handy, this instance is indeed a battery drainer.

Have you ever felt your phone heat up after setting the display on full blast? If so, that is a physical indicator that your phone is pumping out battery power in order to show the content its user is binging. To minimize battery drain, it is best to turn this adaptive function off and manually adjust your display brightness. Plus, it is good for your eyesight in the long run.

Background Apps. As the name suggests, these applications run in the background, functioning even if the phone is set aside. These apps usually are VPNs, calendar/manager apps, and even anti-virus. Although essentially useful, if you really want to reduce battery drain, it is best to keep some of these, if not all, turned off.

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On-screen widgets.
Here is another battery consumer– the on-screen or always-on-display widgets. This feature provides users with quick information on how many messages are in the inbox, what emails were recently received, or quick app notifications. It’s great to stay on top of things, don't get me wrong, but if you wish to continue to use this feature, it is best to always keep a charger close.

I personally use this feature a lot. It is handy, quick, and also great to look at. This, however, is useless with a dead phone. I would rather have a music-filled trip without on-screen widgets than a trip without a phone at all.

Old phone battery. Sometimes the mobile application isn’t the culprit; instead, it is just the phone battery. Even if you buy the latest mobile-forward phone, it is still susceptible to aging. The best action to counter and preserve your battery life is to use it moderately and not always push it to its limits. Even cellular phones need breaks too!


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