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Reasons to Buy a Gaming Laptop, Even If You're Not a Gamer

Jan 23, 2023 by Gracey Maala

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The laptop has become the ultimate productivity tool for most of us, especially since we started working from home. But as we all know, constant use for hours on end can eventually degrade your machine’s peripherals over time. So you may want to consider making a gaming laptop your next upgrade.

Is a gaming laptop worth the hype?

Gaming laptops are designed for long hours of gameplay, which is why they’re built differently than your standard everyday-use laptop. But should you get a gaming laptop even if you’re not a gamer?

We’ll explain why a gaming laptop could be your next gadget upgrade. And if you’re looking for a faster and more reliable home WiFi connection, look no further: PLDT Home’s Fiber Plus plans to level up your WFH and gaming experience and more!


Gaming laptops deliver better performance.

Gaming laptops typically have higher amounts of RAM, a better-enhanced GPU, a faster hard disk, and in effect, shorter loading times and less lag. Obviously, it’s why these machines are weapons of choice for gamers–and even for those who do photo or video editing, graphic design, or music production. Because these types of jobs deal with heavier files and larger amounts of data, they need a machine that can let them do their work more efficiently.

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Gaming laptops have higher-quality parts.

A gaming laptop is designed to be a workhorse–to endure play sessions for hours on end. In effect, they tend to generate more heat, which requires a more robust system to ensure that its internal components are at the right temperature. As a result, gaming laptops typically have larger air vents, more fans, and heat sinks, while a standard laptop’s cooling system is much simpler: one fan and smaller vents.

A gaming laptop’s keyboard is usually mechanical, unlike a standard laptop’s membrane keyboard. Mechanical keyboards register faster and last longer than a regular keyboard. A standard membrane keyboard can last 15 million presses; in contrast, a mechanical keyboard lasts 50 million presses on average.


Cheaper and lighter options actually exist.

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A gaming laptop is typically more spendy than a normal one because of all the hardware that goes into it–but gone are the days when gaming laptops cost an arm, a leg, and a kidney for you to be able to buy them. For instance, the entry-level model of this MSI Thin GF63 Gaming Laptop costs the same as a standard laptop. Gaming laptops are also notoriously heavy and bulky, but this device, in particular, weighs less than 2 kg–ideal for hybrid work or if you need to work from anywhere.

Overall, it’s also a suitable starter device that you can use for working all day and gaming all night.


Is it time for your next upgrade?

A gaming laptop may be a prime choice for heavier work or more complicated tasks. But if you prefer having a separate console or don’t need that much new bandwidth on your current device, then you can always stick to your regular-use laptop. And if you’re leaning towards buying a gaming laptop for work, why not consider using it for play?

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