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3 Reasons Smart Doorbells and Door Locks Should Be Your Next Upgrade

Mar 06, 2023 by Kitty Elicay-Carpena

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Home automation isn’t just an avenue for you to flex your lightning-fast Internet connection — apart from ease of living, using smart home devices is also a simple but effective way to secure your property. If you’ve already installed security cameras on all corners of your house, you might want to look into your next upgrade: Smart doorbells and smart locks.

For your peace of mind and more.

Smart doorbells and locks, explained

Today’s smart doorbells are upgraded with cameras, allowing you to see who’s on the other side of your door, even when you aren’t home. They also include additional features like video recordings or alerting you when a package — or people, animals, and cars — comes to your door.

Smart locks, on the other hand, offer the safety and convenience a traditional deadbolt can’t. They offer many options to open your door, from using a passcode, RFID card, fingerprint, or even remotely or through voice command. Like smart doorbells, they also come with enhanced security features like auto-lock and alarms.


Are smart doorbells and locks worth investing in?

As with any device, these two gadgets might set you back a few thousand pesos. However, they do offer several advantages, including our top reason for getting them: Peace of mind. If you’re still on the fence, here are some more reasons we think smart doorbells and locks are worth it.


It discourages suspicious people from entering your property.

Smart doorbells allow you to respond to people waiting outside your home in real time and even remotely. This can help deter individuals from attempting to break into your house, as a video doorbell can make it seem like you’re inside the property even when you aren’t.


It boosts security.

Most smart locks don’t require physical keys, and some do without the keyway entirely, eliminating the risk of people picking the lock of your home or swiping your keys to make copies. It also has helpful features like an auto-lock function, so you never have to worry about forgetting to lock your door again, and an alarm that warns you when someone is attempting to open your door with the wrong code.

If a suspicious person comes close to your property, your smart doorbell and lock can work together to keep the house secure. They can notify you through alerts, and you can easily access the camera on your doorbell to view or capture the face of any lurkers. You can also set alarms that notify neighbors about what’s happening. It might even spook the trespasser, giving you time to ask for help or call the police.

They add value to your property.

A smart home tends to stand out more to potential tenants, boosting your rep if you rent your place out. Smart doorbells and locks also offer great convenience — if you’re a vacation rental owner, you can just give the passcode to your guests so they can check themselves in even when you’re not around. You can also use this feature to your advantage by restricting the times someone is allowed to enter your home.

If you’re convinced that smart doorbells and locks are for you, here are two options you can purchase for your home.


eufy Video Doorbell (Wireless)


The eufy Video Doorbell (Wireless) offers advanced visitor monitoring and communication, whether you're at home or elsewhere! You can view live or recorded 2K clear, crisp, and head-to-toe videos of visitors captured via the eufy app. You'll also know who's at your door with the built-in artificial intelligence (AI) that determines whether a person is within the camera's view. Moreover, motion detection can also be tailored to your preferred activity zone.


eufy Smart Lock Touch & WiFi


This sturdy smart lock is tested to last up to 30 years, with its zinc alloy and stainless steel frame that’s water and weatherproof. It comes with premium features, including multiple ways to unlock the door, a built-in sensor that detects when the door is closed and automatically locks it for you, and the ability to access it anywhere via the app.


Secure your property with PLDT Home Security Devices

On top of your security devices, your smart home becomes more efficient and effective when paired with a fast and reliable Internet connection. Take advantage and choose the PLDT Home Fiber Plus plan that best fits your needs today!


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