Learn how to easily set up your PLDT HOME Telpad with this video.

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What are the benefits of having a Telpad unit?

With the Telpad, you can perform a wide variety of tasks, as well as enjoy a variety of multimedia content. You can also browse the internet, use email applications, watch movies and videos, play MP3 tunes, take and edit pictures, read e-books, use your favorite social networking site, play games, and download apps.

What model/unit do you offer?

Our latest unit is the Red Telpad Dockless.

We also offer the Telpad MA7.

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What are the specs?

The Telpad now has improved stability, battery life and performance with Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS.

Bigger storage with 32GB memory and up to 64GB expandable memory.

The device easily adapts to different orientation using its enhanced sensors It has a 6.6mm slimmer design and an all-aluminum red enclosure.

What are the payment terms for the Red Telpad Dockless tablet?

It is easy to own our PLDT Home Telpad because no cash out is needed. An additional P420 will be on top of the subscriber’s monthly service fee for the next 30 months.

Is there a lock-in period and how long if I avail of the Red telpad Dockless?

Yes. The lock-in period will be for 30 months.

How much will it I pay if I discontinue within the contract of the Red Telpad Dockless?

Pre-termination terms apply which is equivalent to three (3) months broadband monthly service fee (MSF), plus the remaining amortization of the tablet.

If the broadband service will be retained and the Telpad will be discontinued, the pre-termination fee (PTF) shall be the remaining Telpad amortization only. 

How can I apply?

Apply online now and you will receive a confirmation of your order via email and SMS and then, our online sales processing team will handle your application within 24-48 hours. Your application is subject to account validation and existing credit policies.

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Who can get a Telpad?

  • Existing Fibr & DSL 1299 and up subscribers can upgrade to the Home Telpad or the Dock-less Telpad *excluding capped plans
  • A Maximum of 3 telpads is allowed per account