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Get a PLDT WiFi Mesh System to ensure that every corner of your home is powered by a Fiber-fast WiFi connection.


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TP-Link X55

TP-Link X55

  • Coverage of up to 7,500ft2 (3 units)
  • Connection speeds of up to 1Gbps connection speed
  • 2x GE LAN/WAN ports
  • Qualcomm quad-core CPU
  • Dual-band AX3000 wireless
  • Connects up to 150 devices

OTHER FEATURES: Beamforming, Device Prioritization, Parental Controls, Guest WiFi, Home Care Antivirus

If you are a new mesh user, you will need at least 2 Wifi Mesh units as a minimum requirement to set up your mesh network.


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24 months installment
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