Michael Cacnio and family use PLDT HOME Fibr

Michael Cacnio's formula to become world-class? Passion, family, and powerful connectivity.

World-class brass sculptor Michael Cacnio uses PLDT HOME Fibr to create art and connect with family

Renowned brass sculptor and 2006 The Outstanding Young Men of the Philippines (TOYM) awardee Michael Cacnio does his part in keeping up with the times. The 45-year-old artist believes in the power of technology and strong connection to become truly world-class.

With over 50 exhibits worldwide within his two and a half-decade career, Cacnio has gained praises in Asia, Europe, and the United States. He was the first Filipino artist to be featured in a solo exhibit in the European Commission's headquarters in Berlaymont, Brussels. 

Cacnio's intricate brass sculptures depict social realities from years past, a look back at the simple and carefree lives of Filipinos from decades ago. "Once people see my work, they are reminded of the past. By preserving it, I make people think back and recall past joy and happiness," he shared.

With every piece exhibited here and abroad, Cacnio proves that Filipino talent is indeed topnotch and will never fall behind. 

Michael Cacnio - Merging Technology and Art

Cacnio's sculptures depict social realities of the simple joys of children, integrated with creative themes such as his Balloon series.

Merging technology and art

Cacnio is a tech-savvy artist, a passionate brass sculptor who uses all available resources – including the ultra-fast connection of PLDT HOME Fibr – to further improve his craft.

For Cacnio, every exhibit has to bring something new to the table. "It must have a new subject; it must have new material – something that won't make the audience think it's the same thing again and again." He makes this happen using the Internet.

With the powerful connection of PLDT HOME Fibr, Cacnio is able to research on new materials and techniques, in the comfort of his artistic home. "I like the power PLDT HOME Fibr brings with it. No waiting. No waste of time," he shared. For inspiration on new projects and exhibits, he looks up other artists' works. It goes without saying that high-speed connection contributes to Cacnio’s outstanding works of art. 

Keeping the family connected

Cacnio is one serious family man, too. When not in his workshop or at exhibits abroad, the prize-winning sculptor can be found at home, spending precious quality time with his wife Tess and sons Jacob (16), Mateo (12), and Lucas (8).

Movie nights have become one of the family’s favorite pastimes, and using PLDT HOME Fibr, they can stream movies in their home theater without interruption.

When he's traveling, Cacnio keeps his gadgets close. He is mostly dependent on his laptop and cellphone, which he uses to communicate with his family. With a reliable, strong connection, Cacnio and his family make video calls without hassle.

Cacnio continues to sculpt exquisite brass pieces absolutely deserving of the world's attention. His formula to become world-class? Passion, family, and powerful connectivity.

Michael Cacnio keeps connected with his family

With a reliable, strong connection, Cacnio and his family make video calls without hassle.