Ramon Orlina

Globally-acclaimed glass sculptor,
2006 TOFIL awardee Ramon Orlina

Glass artist Ramon Orlina shares his art with the world with PLDT HOME Fibr

The triumph of a great artist does not lie on the prestige but on how he manages to leave an indelible mark on the country’s art landscape. For architect-turned-artist and 2006 The Outstanding Filipino (TOFIL) Award recipient Ramon Orlina, technology is as much an instrument as a chisel and a hammer when it comes to shaping the future of Philippine art.

Orlina combined his love for art with his architectural knowledge. The self-taught artist experimented at lengths and devised his own techniques that paved his way to a completely new glass territory. To date, Orlina’s multi-award-winning status extends to art circles all over Asia, Europe, and the USA.

Ramon and Lay Ann Orlina

Ramon Orlina and his wife, Lee Lay-Ann

Technology-aided art

Orlina is no stranger when it comes to keeping up with technology. The contemporary Museo Orlina in Tagaytay is the actualization of all his hard work. It houses his masterpieces along with those of up and coming local artists and can be explored using an interactive touch-screen display system.

A techie by heart, Orlina upgraded to the powerful broadband of PLDT HOME Fibr, which has serviced him in several aspects of his life including his family and his career. His connection with his family—his wife Lee Lay Ann and his children Ning-Ning, Anna, Michael, and even his eldest daughter Naesa who resides in Australia—has become stronger with the help of HOME’s most powerful broadband.

“I fully appreciate the impact of powerful Internet at home,” he said. “I live a digitally-active lifestyle, as I love learning new things everyday and finding ways to grow as an artist. With the help of PLDT HOME Fibr, I take in information instantly which can serve as a springboard for more works of art.”

Ramon Orlina and his Interactive WALL wood

I fully appreciate the impact of powerful Internet at home