Ryan Cayabyab - Maestro, Composer

Mr. C relies on Fibr for high speed communication, connecting with family members

One of the most respected, and perhaps also the best-loved, figures in the Philippine music industry Maestro Ryan Cayabyab, or popularly known as Mr. C, humbly admits he is not a tech-savvy person.

But that does not mean he is not keeping pace with how the internet and high speed broadband are transforming the music industry.

“The norm now is that no one travels anymore to deliver CDs, DVDs, and other materials. Everything is done through the Internet and via email; music and video files are sent as attachments and music writing is aided by software applications,” Mr. C adds.

Mr. C who operates his own music school, The Music School of Ryan Cayabyab, juggles many engagements that involve performing, arranging or creating music. He now firmly believes that the Internet makes all of these easier.

“It lessens the time to prepare and type all the lyrics, write the song for example when I arrange a medley of 1-10 songs. I can Google and easily locate the lyrics, and just cut and paste them,” Mr. C says.

Mr. C is also gradually trying to learn how to port his music files on Cloud for easy access and safe keeping.

“I’m still not adept in using the Cloud but with all the benefits that it offers, and with more and more people telling me to access their songs over Cloud, I’m encouraged to know more about it,” he says.


The Cayabyabs now stay connected with the fastest and most dependable broadband connection today, the foundation of a connected home.

Finding high-speed communication

What Mr C. finds frustrating is the slow connection in accessing or downloading files and videos on YouTube. The Cayabyabs were previously using a very slow broadband connection which often frustrates them due to the long and tedious process of downloading songs and videos.

“With our previous broadband connection, it was very irritating to wait for the buffering before we could watch the video,” Mr. C narrates.

When Mr. C saw a banner posted in his village that PLDT’s Fibr was now available in his area, they readily inquired, and soon signed up to enjoy its high-speed Internet.

PLDT’s Fibr uses a dedicated connection straight to the subscribers’ homes. With this technology, subscribers can stream High-Definition content, play lag-free online gaming, and adopt seamless cloud computing.

Staying connected at home

The Cayabyabs now stay connected with the most powerful broadband connection today.

“With PLDT’s Fibr, there is no need to wait for buffering anymore if we want to watch videos on YouTube. And even if we all use it at the same time, the speed remains the same,” Mr. C quips.

Fibr gives the Cayabyabs more bonding time even if they’re just at home. Mr. C maintains a Twitter account which he uses to communicate with his kids, while the whole family view and discuss interesting topics they find online.

Mr. C’s wife Emmy helps him manage their school, while their two children, Krina and Toma, are involved in some of the school’s projects.

Krina is also a member of the jazz trio Baihana and teaches in their school as well as in the Art Studies department of UP. Toma is an Ateneo Arts graduate and is pursuing a film production career.

“My family is very happy to have a dedicated broadband without worrying that the line will eventually get crowded and the connection will slow down once more people use Fibr,” Mr. C says. Fibr’s ultra high-speed Internet now allows him to effectively manage his communication needs, and at the same time, do other things.

“This is definitely the fastest connection I have ever had,” says a very satisfied Mr. C. “No waiting, no buffering! No waste of time. I can accomplish a lot more work.”

Mr. C says virtual music classroom might be the future of coaching voice lessons, and Fibr will play an important role to realize this possibility.


The Cayabyab Family - Krina, Toma, Emmy and Ryan