Tweetie runs TdLG, her own jewelry shop, and a powerful broadband proves to be of great help in her business.

Tweetie de Leon Gonzales: living with powerful connectivity thru Fibr

In the past, if the Internet went down in the de Leon-Gonzalez household, a general cry of “What’s wrong?!” would reverberate around the dwelling. “The Internet really makes life more pleasant for us. Everyone's in a good mood when it's working and it's fast,” explains Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez.

Clearly, for this family, the Internet is an integral part of their lives. “My husband is the president of his own company; he's in construction and they have a lot of projects. His job requires a lot of coordination, so he needs the Internet for that.”

Tweetie on the other hand, is into her jewelry business. Aside from designing her stylish wares, Tweetie also personally runs her iconic TdLG store. “I use the Internet to communicate with my store through emails. I also have a camera in my store which I use for security purposes so I really need a powerful connection to manage my business efficiently.” Tweetie explains.

Her kids, Tweetie shares, use the Internet mainly to connect and play: “Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, all those social media sites. Plus, all my boys are into online gaming!”

With bandwidth-intensive activities from her brood of four on top of Tweetie and her husband’s work needs, it’s crucial that her family uses the most superior broadband. “I chose Fibr because it fits our family’s way of using the net. The net is a big part of our lives; we kind of feel crippled without it and it just makes everything so systematic.”

Tweetie gets to watch the news in high definition through her Cignal over Fibr service.

Family bonding, the tech way

While Tweetie juggles a myriad of roles and commitments daily, she surely won’t pass the chance to unwind with her family. Through Fibr, Tweetie and her family can watch their favorite shows on Cignal Digital TV channels in high-definition. With clearer, crisper, and sharper image and audio quality afforded by a dedicated broadband connection, TV viewing has become one of their family’s favorite fun time activities.

“I recently discovered Downton Abbey and got the whole family hooked! We finished three seasons in one week. We also watch news from CNN and reruns of Modern Family and Friends – all in high-definition,” Tweetie added.

More importantly, the family uses the Internet to connect with each other. “Technology is an important part of my kids’ lives, and so it’s an important part of mine,” Tweetie says. She shares that with the connectivity provided by technology and the Internet, family bonding becomes easier. “You try very hard to take part in their lives as they grow up, and technology is a very big part of their lives, so it’s a way for me to get involved. I want to understand what they're into.” she explains.

In the end, the most important benefit of her Fibr connection is, “I’m fortunate to be able to come home early enough to get to spend time with my kids. But when they have parties on weekends, I miss hanging out with them. But with Fibr, I still get to reach them and bond with them through social media and applications I can only access with the most powerful Internet connection. And the next day, we’ll all be at home again, never having been truly apart—thanks to technology.”

“Technology is an important part of my kids’ lives, and so it’s an important part of mine”