The PLDT way of saying “thank you” to its loyal subscribers is by giving cash prizes monthly, starting from June 2015 until January 2016. PLDT Home Retention draws two lucky grand prize winners (one with a Fixed Wired broadband plan and one with Fixed Wireless) and each of them receives P100,000 and P50,000 respectively, credited to their Smart Money Cards. But that doesn’t end there. Apart from those grand prize winners, PLDT also draws consolation prize winners: 50 from the Fixed Wired customer base who receive P1,500 worth of PLDT credit vouchers and 25 from Fixed Wireless who receive vouchers valued at P1,000. The awarding ceremony takes place monthly at the PLDT Sales Service Centers (SSCs).

Aside from the exciting awarding of winners, there are also mini-games where invited customers get a chance to win extra tokens and freebies. As a gesture of appreciation, PLDT ensures that all guests at the event enjoy themselves and see the value that they bring to the company.