Bills and Payment

How can I view my billing summary?

Here are ways to view your eStatement/bill summary:

  • Via Your myHome
    You can view your current bill and your past billing statement in the last 12 months through your myHome Account. If you don’t have a myHome Account, create one today and manage your account at your own convenience. Create a myHome account now.
  • Via myPLDT Smart app
    You can easily view your bill through the app. Log-in to your myPLDT Smart app then select "View Account". To be able to see your bill, click "View eStatement"
  • Via PLDT Home Messenger
    Chat with us on Messenger. Just search for PLDT Home. From the main menu, select "Billing Services" then click on "Send copy of my bill". 
  • Via SMS
    As soon as your bill is available online, an SMS notification containing your bill summary will also be sent to you. To avoid missing the bill notifications, it is important to keep the contact information updated through our hotline 171.

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