Terms And Conditions

By subscribing to and using the MyOwnWifi on Local Area Network or LAN 2 Service (the “Service”) via select and eligible PLDT Home Fiber postpaid subscription plans of PLDT Inc. (“PLDT” or “we”), the PLDT Home subscriber (“Subscriber”) hereby agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The Service
    1. The Service allows the Subscriber to have a secondary Wi-Fi connection that is separate from the Subscriber’s existing Wi-Fi connection without the need to apply for another PLDT Home Fiber account or modem. The secondary Wi-Fi connection can be dedicated for purposes of working from home or online learning, while the existing Wi-Fi connection can be used for other purposes.
    2. The secondary Wi-Fi connection will be accessed by attaching an additional LAN cable to the Subscriber’s existing modem. The Service will include one (1) piece of TP Link Deco M4 or Tenda Nova MW6 Wi-Fi Mesh (“Wi-Fi Mesh”) as part of the bundle to allow multiple devices to use the Service.
    3. The Service will provide speed in the secondary Wi-Fi line equivalent to the current PLDT Home Fiber postpaid plan subscription.
    4. Eligible Subscribers will be invited to subscribe to the Service via call-outs by the PLDT Home Telesales and Sales Service Center teams. Subject to existing guidelines, eligible Subscribers will also receive short message service (“SMS”), electronic mail (“e-mail”), or Viber message, for information regarding the Service. Subscribers may also visit pldthome.com or call 171 to apply.
    5. The Service is not available to landline only PLDT subscribers.
    6. Available speed will range from twenty-five (25) Mbps to four hundred (400) Mbps and can be availed as an add-on subscription to the existing PLDT Home Fiber plan for an additional monthly service fee (“MSF”), to be charged to the same PLDT Home Fiber bill, as shown below:
      MYOWNWIFI 25 Mbps 100 Mbps 200 Mbps 400 Mbps
      Price/Month P 649 P 849 P 1049 P 1349
      PLDT Home Fibr Base Plan 1299 1699 1899 2099 2399 2699 2999
    7. The Service will have a lock-in period of twenty-four (24) months.
    8. The Service will be activated within twenty-four (24) hours after the Subscriber’s acceptance of the subscription via call-out.
    9. The bundled Wi-Fi Mesh will be delivered to the Subscriber’s address via courier for free.
    10. Subscribers with outstanding balance, with disputes with regard to the statement of account are not qualified to subscribe to the Service. Subscriber’s account must be active, and not be temporarily or permanently restricted or disconnected in accordance with PLDT credit rules.
    11. New customers may avail of the Service subject to the payment of one (1) month advance payment of MSF among other additional requirements.
    12. The access and use of the Service is subject to these terms and conditions. By availing of the Service, the Subscriber acknowledges to have read, understood, and agreed to comply with the terms and conditions of PLDT for the use of this Service. The Subscriber further agrees that his or her access and use of the Service may be subject to such further terms and conditions as may be imposed by PLDT from time to time.
  2. Usage
    1. Eligible Subscribers may avail of the Service by accepting the offer to subscribe during the call-out.
    2. Subscribers may only avail of the same speed as their current base plan for the Service. To illustrate, a subscriber of Plan 2699 with 400 Mbps may avail of the package of 400 Mbps only. The Subscriber may not avail of speed tiers lower or higher than his or her base plan speed.
    3. The bundled Wi-Fi Mesh will be provided with the MyOwnWifi Service. Delivery is free of charge following this schedule:
      • NCR - within 24 hours up to 2 days (except holidays and weekends);
      • Luzon - 2-5 days;
      • VisMin - 5-7 days;
      • For Outside of the Serviceable Areas: Luzon - 5-7 days and VisMin - 7-10 days.
    4. Subscribers may use the Service immediately upon activation by using a LAN cable connected to a single device while waiting for the Wi-Fi Mesh. Upon receipt of the Wi-Fi Mesh, Subscribers may connect multiple devices via a LAN cable connected to the Wi-Fi Mesh and the PLDT Home Fiber modem.
    5. Should the Subscriber wish to buy additional Wi-Fi Mesh, devices are available for purchase at the PLDT Home website.
    6. Eligible Subscribers may avail of other packages within the Subscriber’s credit limit and/or customer credit rating.
    7. The promise of serviceability of thirty percent (30%) minimum speed at eighty percent (80%) of the time applies to the Service.
    8. The Service is configured to work when connected to LAN 2. Should there be concerns on LAN 2 (if defective or if used for Internet Protocol Television or IPTV), the Subscriber must call 171 for assistance.
    9. The Subscriber acknowledges and accepts that he or she accesses and uses the Service at his or her own risk. PLDT shall not be responsible for and does not guarantee the functionality, availability, or continuity of the Service at any time. PLDT shall not be liable or responsible for any damage or loss suffered or incurred by the Subscriber that may arise by reason of or in connection with the provision of the Service or the access or use of the Service by the Subscriber.
    10. For more details about the Service, please call 171.
  3. Disconnection
    1. If the PLDT account is categorized as under Call Restriction or provided with Notice of Disconnection in the middle of the subscription, the Subscriber’s add-on subscription will still be charged in full.
    2. If a temporarily disconnected PLDT account is permanently disconnected, the add-on subscription will be cancelled automatically.
  4. Cancellation
    1. Subscribers may cancel their subscription to the Service by calling 171.
    2. A twenty-four (24)-month lock-in period will be applied to the Service as an add-on subscription. Should the Subscriber cancel the subscription within the lock-in period, he or she must pay the balance of the device cost (device monthly fee x remaining months) and a pre-termination fee equivalent to three (3) months of the MSF.
    3. If the Subscriber decides to upgrade his or her broadband plan, the Service will still be charged in full, and with pre-termination fee if not continued, as may be applicable. Should the Subscriber decide to upgrade his or her broadband plan and continue the Service, the speed of the Service will also be upgraded depending on the upgraded base plan, with the corresponding add-on fee applied.
    4. Subject to the payment of the applicable pre-termination fee, if the Subscriber opts to cancel the Service in the middle of the subscription, no refund will be processed and usage of the Service is still allowed until the end date of the current subscription.
    5. After the Subscriber has successfully cancelled his or her subscription to the Service, the Subscriber will receive a notification that the Service has been cancelled from his or her account.
  5. Aftersales
    1. The Subscriber may call 171 for any aftersales concerns.
      The Service may be renewed after the twenty-four (24)-month lock-in period which will include one (1) new Wi-FI Mesh.
    2. If the subscription to the Service is renewed, the Subscriber may apply for the renewal of his or her subscription using his or her myHome account.
    3. If the Subscriber is in the middle of the Service and will relocate to a new address, the subscription will be disconnected and charged in full. Should the Subscriber wish to continue the Service, the Subscriber may still enjoy the Service once PLDT Home Fiber has been installed in the new location provided that the subscription has not yet expired.
    4. If the Subscriber has exceeded his or her monthly credit limit and still wish to subscribe within the current billing period, the Subscriber may pay for the excess amount to avail of the Service via the PLDT Home payment channels.
    5. For questions on Wi-Fi Mesh or repair concerns, the Subscriber may call 171.
  6. Use of the PLDT Service
    By accepting and using the Service, the Subscriber confirms that he or she has read, understood, and agreed to the: (i) terms and conditions of the Service as set out herein; (ii) applicable terms and conditions of the Subscription Contract; and (iii) PLDT terms and conditions for landline and data service found at https://pldthome.com/termsandconditions.