Smart Bro Plans FAQs

What is a Smart Bro Plan?

It is a new add-on service offering of PLDT that you can avail on top of your PLDT Home Ultera or DSL subscription.

Am I eligible to avail of the offer?

All new and existing Home subscribers (Fibr, DSL, Ultera or Landline only) can avail of this add on service on top of their existing PLDT Home plan.

How can I apply?

Subscriber can avail of this offer via the ff channels:

  1. HOME Sales booth
  2. PLDT Sales and Service Center
  3. Online (
  4. 171

Pre-qualified subscribers may also be offered with this offer via callout.

Will I be billed separately for my Smart Bro Plan?

Subscriber will be receiving one (1) Statement of Account for both their main line and Smart Bro plan.

After I apply, how many days/weeks should I wait for the Smart Bro pocket-wifi to be delivered?

Device and SIM delivery:

  1. For GMM: 3-5days
  2. For Regional Areas: 5-7 days

**subject to other conditions

What will happen to my Smart Bro plan if my main line gets disconnected?

Smart Bro plan is only considered an add-on to your main subscription. Once your main service is disconnected, both services (Main Line and Add On) will be disconnected.

Are there any fees I need to pay for service disconnection?

Device and SIM delivery:

  1. DISCONNECTION FEE (if within lock-in period): P2500 + Full Cost of unit
  2. DOWNGRADE FEE (if outside lock-in period): P500

**If subscriber also wants to disconnect main line, both services (main line & add on) will be disconnected and applicable pre-termination fees apply (if still within lock-in).

If I have any questions about my plan, whom can I touch base with?

Device and SIM delivery:

  1. Add on to Ultera: *1888 (Ultera Hotline) for inquiries.
  2. Add on to DSL/Fibr/Landline only: 171

What will happen once I consume my monthly volume allowance? Will I be billed for extra usage?

Subscribers will be automatically be redirected to the top up where they can avail of their chosen package. All top ups will be charge to subscriber’s bill.

**subscriber is required to have a myHome account.