Speed Add-on

What is PLDT Home Speed Add-on?

Speed Add-On or formerly known as Easy Speedboost is a new offer from PLDT Home that empowers subscribers to boost their speed as they please. They will now have an affordable option to upgrade their speeds.

Is there a contract extension if I availed of the PLDT Home Speed Add-On?

There is no contract with the Speed Add-On, subscribers can opt in and opt out anytime.

Where can I reach out to request the PLDT Speed Add-On?

Subscribers may call 171, send message thru PLDT Cares, SSCs, or PLDT Upgrade Official SMS sender or PLDT Upgrade to apply for Speed Add-On.

What is the SLA for the upgrade when I avail through this channel?

Your Speed Add-On request will be activated within 24-48 hours.

What is 6868 and 225678?

6868 and 225678 are virtual numbers used by PLDT Home to confirm the subscribers’ request to upgrade. If the subscriber is a Smart user, he/she can send his/her confirmation to 6868. If non-Smart, the subscriber can send to 225678. Note that these numbers are also being used by other companies.

Apart from 6868 and 225678, where else can I apply for an upgrade?

Subscribers may call 170/171, send message thru PLDT Cares, visit any PLDT stores nationwide or visit this page at pldthome.com/fiber-upgrade


If I subscribe to Speed Add-On can I also get Rewards Crystals and more?

For every successful add-ons like Speed Add-On, subscribers can earn guaranteed rewards, vouchers, and Maya cashback for up to 6 months.
PLDT Home Speed Add-On will be open to Fiber Unli 1299 only.



Speed Add- On P50


25 Mbps

75 Mbps

What are the milestones I have to achieve to earn rewards crystals?

All active subscribers who will upgrade or avail of an add-on will instantly receive the following crystals on their 2nd, 3rd, and 6th month:


2nd month

3rd month

5th month

6th Month

Speed Add-On

P50 Maya Cashback

150 Crystals


50 Crystals

Subsequently, subscribers can earn additional crystals for registering in PLDT Home Rewards and for paying their bills on time and in full.


Rewards Crystals

Register in PLDT Home Rewards

20 Crystals

Pay your bill on time and in full

1 Crystal for every P50

Pay your bill on time and in full through digital channels for 3 mos. 

70 Crystals

Successful Upgrade

50 Crystals

Successful Add-On (per device)

20 Crystals

Maya Cashback Eligibility:
For Speed Add-ons: , Device Add-On and MyOwnWiFi: Pay your latest PLDT Home Bill through Maya on time and in full within 30 days from upgrade and get P50 Maya cashback to be credited on the succeeding month.

When will my rewards crystals be credited?

Crystals will be seeded starting April 1, 2023 onwards.

I successfully upgrade my plan but the Rewards Crystals and Maya Cashback weren’t credited to my account.

If you didn’t receive any Rewards Crystals and Maya Cashback, reach us at 171 to raise this concern.

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