Landline Features

What is the Call Forwarding feature?

With the Call Forwarding feature of PLDT, you don’t have to be near your phone to get your calls. Your calls can follow you to wherever you can be reached – be it at another landline, cellphone or even your pager. This feature enables you to divert calls from your phone to another regular phone or cellphone.

How can I activate the Call Forwarding feature?

For activation, you may reach out to our Social Media accounts; PLDT Home on Facebook or @PLDT_Cares on Twitter.

How do I set-up the Call Forwarding feature?

  • Immediate Call Forwarding: Forward your landline calls instantly.
    Dial * 2 1 * (destination number) #
  • Busy Call Forwarding: Forward any calls received when your landline service is busy. Dial * 0 7 * (destination number) #
  • No Answer Call Forwarding: Forward unanswered calls after the 4th ring. Dial * 0 4 * (destination number) #

What are the rates for forwarded calls?

All calls forwarded are charged to your account at a corresponding rate depending on the destination number (i.e. destination number is a cellphone number, charges are at cellphone rates).

Local Fees: Free and unlimited
NDD Calls: P5.10 per minute
IDD Calls: $0.40 per minute
Cellular Calls: P14.00 per minute

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